Rays of Light: Play for Pride

Former Michigan standout and Big Ten Network analyst Marcus Ray shares his outlook on the rest of the season for the 3-5 Wolverines. With championships off the table and blowout losses to two rivals, what's left to play for?

Sam Webb:  Let’s talk the rest of the season.  This team, this head coach… what’s on the horizon for them, what can this squad do?  Marcus Ray is not coming through that door tomorrow.  Those guys that talked that and played that way are not showing up at Schembechler Hall tomorrow.  They’ve got the guys that are in that room right now and they have the coaches in that room right now, what do these guys do in a must win scenario down the stretch with these games.  You’ve got to win at least three of them to make a bowl game.  You need to win all four to give you the best chance to stay on.

Marcus Ray:  “Honestly, I think this team can still make a bowl game.  Most people would disagree, but I’m saying that because of the teams that they face.  Indiana has a freshman quarterback coming in here and have got a pretty good running back.  That’s it.  Their defense stinks.  Michigan should win the game.  They’re at home.  That’s four wins right there.  You’re going to have to travel out to Northwestern, which won’t be easy, but Northwestern has got a pretty good defense, but their offense is struggling too.  They only average about 21 a game.  There are going to be some close games.  I think Michigan should be able to win and you finish up 6-6.  Finish up 6-6 and then you go to a bowl game and playing a team, who knows, I don’t know.  Then you win that game, now you can finish 7-6 like last year and at the end of the day it’ll add up the same regardless of how you got there.  Whether you start 5-0 and finish 7-6 or whether you go 3-5 and you go 7-6.  There is so much more to play for – your pride.  Show some resiliency, show some we fought back even though we weren’t a good team.   We made something out of nothing.  With four games left that’s all your guaranteed that’s all you do.  Then go down to Columbus and shake up the world.  Go out there and play, but you’ve got four opportunities.  This game isn’t guaranteed for coaches or players.  I think when you still have games left on your schedule, you can still make certain statements.  You go out there and finish and play hard.  You give it all you’ve got, you prepare, you work out.  You should beat Indiana, you Northwestern and you should beat Maryland – you should.  Those are winnable games.  It is not like their going down murderous row.  They’re playing three teams that they should win before they get down to that team in Columbus.”

To listen to the rest of Ray's take, press play below.

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