Cole Has Late November Timeline

The uncertainty of Michigan’s coaching staff has caused Saginaw (Mich.) Heritage WR Brian Cole Jr. to revisit his recruitment. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the youngster’s father recently to get insight on the advice he is giving his son, the factors that will go into the final decision, and more.

Sam Webb:  The frustration of his season and Michigan’s season have kind of mirrored that with the kind of frustration that they’ve gone through.  As a parent, as you see them go through that, see and hear the rumors and speculation about the job security of the coaching staff.  How have you coached and schooled Brian to deal with that type of stuff?

Brian Cole, Sr.:  “It is not about wins and losses.  In reference with what Michigan is going through, I guess it is the people.  You spend time with these coaches, you really truly develop a relationship with them.  You truly care about their success and about their families.  I know they’re going to be fine no matter what happens, but they’re a major part of that picture.  They’re a major part of it.  It is troubling when you think that they may not be there with what’s going on.  You just don’t know.  I guess what I’m saying is those relationships mean a lot.”

Sam Webb:  As a parent you’ve got to advise your son on how to process that… how to look ahead at recruitment for his own benefit.  How do you factor in with what is going in with the coaching staff into what he is going to do moving forward?

Brian Cole, Sr.:  “It’s difficult.  You just don’t know.  It’s really difficult.  You just have to evaluate everything I guess.  You’ve got to look at everything.  At this point with what’s going on there, the status being unknown or not for sure… you have to evaluate everything, you have to look at everything.  As a parent you think about a lot of different things.  You always want stability for your kids.  Kids flourish from stable environments.  Like when you have a mom and a dad at home and those kids are secure with what’s going on in that home and they know they can come home and everything going to be okay.  There is a lot (of concern) about being unsure. It is just uncomfortable and it is something that you’ve really got to think about when you’re talking about your child. 

Sam Webb:  What would be the scenario where he would still go to Michigan?

Brian Cole, Sr.:  “I don’t know.  At this point, we’ve got to wait and see I guess.  We committed to Michigan.  We committed to that coaching staff, so we’ve got to wait and see.  We talked to them.  I regularly talk to Coach Hoke.  We have an understanding that I prefer to keep that private what we talked about.  Me, him, my wife, Brian and Nussmeier, we had a very good conversation, but I’d rather keep that private.  We do  have an idea of what we’re thinking.”

Sam Webb:  Let’s talk timeline.  With Brian being an early enrollee at what point do you feel like you need to be settled on what he’s going to do?

Brian Cole, Sr.:  “I think we need to be settled by the end of November, we need to know what’s going on.  I don’t want to take it too much past that.  He’s done December 19th.  It’s coming pretty fast.  I don’t want to go much past November. “

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