Brady Hoke, Jim Hackett Met Monday

Michigan coach Brady Hoke says he met with interim athletic director Jim Hackett Monday although nothing specific regarding his job status or future were discussed.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- At Monday afternoon’s press conference, Michigan coach Brady Hoke said he would meet with interim athletic director Jim Hackett “sooner than later.”

As it turns out Hoke was right and soon apparently meant later that same day in an unofficial capacity.

“We talked and just really, Jim and I know each other from when I was here before and then obviously since I’ve been back,” Hoke said. “But it was more just talking about how things are going, what do you see and all that kind of stuff.

“It wasn’t anything real in-depth besides just the daily, what we’re doing.”

After Hackett was appointed by Michigan president Mark Schlissel at a press conference following the resignation of Dave Brandon, Schlissel indicated despite the interim title Hackett would have complete autonomy to evaluate and make decisions on the football program.

 Off to a 4-5 start to the 2014 season and with off the field drama seemingly at an all time high surrounding a once prideful Michigan program, one would imagine there would be quite a bit to discuss between an interim athletic director and the head football coach of said program.

According to what Hoke said Wednesday, Monday’s meeting was very casual, fully understanding the expectations of himself as coach and of the football program in general.

“We didn’t get that specific,” Hoke said. “We talked about obviously the team and how they’ve stayed together and things of that nature.”

Hoke and Michigan can get closer to bowl eligibility with a win Saturday at Northwestern.

Press play below to watch Brady Hoke discuss Jabrill Peppers injury, preview the match-up with the Wildcats, and more.

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