Dishing on Hoke’s Chances & Harbaugh Interest

Is the conclusion of Brady Hoke's tenure in Ann Arbor really the foregone conclusion that many fans and pundits believe it is? And has an effort to reach out to Jim Harbaugh already begun?

Last week marked a significant but not unexpected change in the course previously charted for the Michigan athletic department.  The resignation of former director of athletics Dave Brandon came days after Stephen Ross’ lowered his level of support.  It wasn’t at all hard to predict the effect of that move.  What has been hard to predict, though, is the amount of time Michigan is going to take to hire Brandon’s replacement, and what impact that timing will have on settling the coaching question in Ann Arbor.

Published rumors suggested last week that Michigan planned to have its new athletic director in place by the Ohio State game at the end of the month, but that isn’t at all consistent with the stance on timeline that administration appears to be taking.  On Monday he informed the Michigan Daily that Brandon’s resignation didn’t trigger an immediate start of the process to find a replacement.

“I would imagine that we’ll begin the process of organizing a search in the coming weeks,” Schlissel said. “I can tell you with certainty I haven’t talked to anybody at all — no matter what you read in the media — about whether they’re interested in a permanent position here.”

Add to that multiple accounts from fans and alums of their interactions with interim athletic director Jim Hackett (during which he reportedly suggested his tenure could last much longer than the few weeks many fans and pundits have been predicting) and you have further reason to believe that an expedient timeline isn’t the highest priority.

That doesn’t mean that no changes will come to the football program.  It merely means that the the President was sincere in his statement that Hackett has been entrusted with the authority to make all decisions… including the firing and hiring of coaches.

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Dishing on Hoke’s Chances & Harbaugh Interest

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