Austin Hatch Reacts to Made Free Throw

VIDEO: Michigan freshman Austin Hatch speaks following a special moment in Monday's win over Wayne State, his teammates reaction to the made free throw and how long he'd been waiting to do it.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Fan of Michigan or not, Monday provided one of the most special and unique moments any person can experience at a basketball game.

It was just an exhibition win over Wayne State but for Michigan freshman Austin Hatch, his coaches, teammates and everyone in attendance, it was so much more.

Entering the game with 1:40 left to play, the crowd took to their feet as Hatch ran onto the floor. Looking to setup a play to get Hatch a jump shot, it didn't work out.

But things eventually would.

After picking up a touch foul defensively, Michigan had the ball one more time, finding Hatch at the top of the key, draped by a defender as an official blew the whistle and raised his arm -- Hatch would be heading to the free throw line with 12 seconds remaining, the Wolverines in the double bonus.

Clanking the first one off the back of the rim and the backboard, Hatch honed in, focused and calmly swished his second attempt.

One point.

That's all it was in a game that won't officially count toward the 2014-15 season but in a moment when the game clock was stopped, time was stopped for the Wolverines as Hatch was fully embraced by his other teammates on the floor, then taken out of the game to a standing ovation and a long, exasperated hug with his coach, John Beilein.

86-43 was the final in Michigan's favor but on a night that ended with a young man in Hatch that has survived multiple plane crashes -- still working his way back from a coma -- putting a basketball through the hoop at a school he dreamed of playing for, everyone walked away with good feelings.

Hatch discusses his big night below.

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