Beilein's Breakdown - Week 1

Michigan basketball coach John Beilein sat down with Sam Webb on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA this morning to reflect upon his team's exhibition victory over Wayne State, the emotional scene after Austin Hatch sank his free throw, his team's defensive effort, and much much more.

On Austin Hatch's participation, free throw, and the emotion in the building?... "All of our coaching staff was part of offering Austin a scholarship way back. You can see how this team loves him, too, and Bacari (Alexander) made the best call of the night by reminding me to get a sub at the bench so we could get Austin out there and get him a round of applause. We don't know how often we're going to get him in a game this year, but any time we can get him in during a situation like that, we're going to get him in. He did a great job, he was in his stance and had two looks at a jump shot he turned down for the team and then he got fouled so to see the smile on his face; that's why we really coach. That was a great thing we were able to do today."

?On exhibition performance ?... "When I went into the locker room (at half time), the two things made me feel good: that they only had 24 and that we had 40 (points). You do not get many easy shots against this team. This was a smaller team, but they stayed in front of us and played the ball screen a little bit differently, in a way we hadn't seen this year, so we had to get used to that. At the same time, by putting that many points on a (Wayne State Head Coach) David Greer team, we did some really good things today."

?On team's defensive showing?... "I was really pleased with that. They had a bunch of stuff ready for us (schematically), and I loved how we really protected the basket. We didn't give them any easy hoops; they had a couple in transition but they had to earn every basket they got. We had some mixups on switches, but it's so early. I thought we played together defensively and that was the good part of it."

?On the team doing the little things right, like taking charges ?... "We've gone to that style of playing, where we are going to hedge ball screens most of the time. To do that, you've got to be in a stance, you have to be quick; the rules have changed a little bit. It's still going to be tight on the perimeter but you can take charges. One charge we took was on the ball but the (two) others were off the ball. That's a huge thing. For the first time since I have been coaching, I think we may have 15 guys that will stand in and take a charge. Who took our charges today? Caris LeVert, Mark Donnal and Spike Albrecht. Those are veterans. Muhammad has taken some in practice, Aubrey has taken some in practice, D.J. has taken some in practice. I have no doubt that down the road we will do that."

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