Brown 'Surprised' by U-M Offer, Will Visit

2016 Mallard Creek (N.C.) 4-star DE Josh Brown discusses his recent Michigan offer and his current status as a recruit despite being committed to Florida State.

Josh Brown is committed to the current No. 1 ranked team in the country, the Florida State Seminoles.

A standout as a junior at Charlotte (N.C.) Mallard Creek, Brown is a 6-foot-2, 215-pound four-star defensive end that recently took a visit to see the in-state Tar Heels.

So, at this point, what is Brown’s status as one of the top 2016 recruits in the country?

“Right now my commitment is solid,” Brown said Sunday. “I’d never say I’m a loose commit or anything like that; if I commit it’s pretty serious.

“I’m still going to take my visits and things like that. I only have four offers right now so I’m going to take my visits, see other schools but my commitment to FSU is solid.”

Outside of Florida State, Brown already has a pretty clear understanding of where he’d like to head on trips over the next year.

“Any school is kind of in my eyes for a visit,” Brown said. “I’ll pretty much visit any school but one I know for sure that will happen in the coming year is I’m going to of course get up to Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia.”

Michigan is an interesting school for a lot of reasons. For starters, the Wolverines are in the midst of a tough 5-5 season with two games to go, not to mention a slew of off the field distractions and most importantly a coaching staff that might not be around after the New Year.

Regardless, the Wolverines utilized the bye week to head down to Brown’s school and extend a scholarship offer.

“I kind of was surprised about the offer,” Brown said. “A while back in the spring they let my coach know they were interested and I really didn’t hear anything else from that point on.

“I made my highlight tape a few weeks ago and sent it to Michigan and Coach Manning let me know he was going to be down here and basically offered me and wanted to do it face to face.”

At Michigan, the defense has made significant improvements as the 2014 season has gone on, specifically up front on the defensive line.

With the relationship relatively new and growing up in the Carolinas, Brown admits he has plenty to learn about the Wolverines.

“Growing up here I grew up a West Virginia fan but a lot of people in down here are fans of Michigan,” Brown said.

“To be honest I’m not really that familiar with the program but now that they’ve offered I’ll be looking to find out some more.”

Asked how Michigan and cornerbacks coach Roy Manning handled any inquiries about the future with the Wolverines under this staff, Brown said the staff still has a job to do.

“He was basically telling me about the problems they’re having and things like that, telling me they’re still looking for the top players in the nation, still want them,” he said. “And they’re having issues right now but they’re looking to the future to build on something like that.”

Brown chose not to comment when asked if he’d still consider Michigan or have interest in the program should a coaching change occur at season’s end.

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