Hoke Addressed Clark Dismissal

Brady Hoke further addressed the dismissal of star defensive end Frank Clark for his allegations of domestic abuse.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Senior defensive end Frank Clark was dismissed from the University of Michigan football team today following allegations of domestic abuse with his girlfriend on Saturday

The former Wolverine standout was arrested on domestic violence and assault involving his girlfriend, Diamond Hurst, on Saturday evening. Both charges are misdemeanors.

After earlier releasing a statement, Michigan coach Brady Hoke further addressed the Clark dismissal and gave his views on domestic abuse at his weekly Monday press conference today.

“We had a situation during the bye week with a young man making a bad decision,” Hoke said. “After getting all the facts that we could that I could get, I made a decision to dismiss Frank Clark from the program.

“What’s been reported, and I’m sure been through it with a fine tooth comb is unacceptable. Is not what we want here associated with our program. I know the statement I talked about it being tragic – and domestic abuse is tragic. It’s tragic on a national scale. It’s tragic it’s obviously somewhere in our society. We all need to do something about it.

“And being an husband, being a father, having two sisters, It’s a message I send strongly to our football team about how we will handle ourselves with woman."

Watch Hoke’s press conference video below.

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