U-M / Maryland Postgame: Brady Hoke

Michigan squandered an impressive rushing effort (292 yards) by committing a litany of mistakes that resulted in yet another disappointing loss. Michigan headman Brady reflects upon the roughing the kicker penalty that led to a Terrapin touchdown, the block in the back that took a Wolverine TD off the board and more.

Opening statement ... "Obviously, we're really, really disappointed. Disappointed because of our seniors, the 12 guys who are graduating, 12 guys who are playing their last games. We're always talking about playing for them and coaching for them. We just didn't execute at times when we had opportunities. And at times we did. We had some mistakes in the kicking game that obviously hurt us as a football team, and some of those are very aggressive mistakes, and you appreciate that kind of effort and that kind of aggression, but at the same point we've got to be a little smarter if that's the right word. But the one thing, in our locker room there's a lot of disappointment, and there's also a lot of pride that these guys have. How they've practiced and how they've done things all year. Obviously we've got the greatest rivalry game, in my opinion, in college football coming up, and that's what we're going to focus on."

On the play on the punt return and the field goal ... "Some of this is subjective and not seeing the whole thing from the angles that maybe you all get. I'll have to wait and see, especially on the block in the back. On the field goal, the guy was trying to make a play, and he was a guy who was supposed to be coming hard off the edge, and I guess he hit him hard enough for a 15-yard personal foul."

On the timeout and decision to go for it on fourth down instead of a field goal ... "Number one it would be a long field goal, and I believe there was some wind coming out of the south. Matt (Wile) could've taken the opportunity. Punting it, I thought pooch it there, but I was a little worried about Will (Hagerup) getting too much of it. I thought our defense was playing every well at that time. I believed in the call and what the kids could do, still do.

"In my mind I wanted to make sure I talked to (offensive coordinator) Doug (Nussmeier) about it all, how he felt about it, having the right play, and I felt very good about it."

On the fake punt and if he called the game more aggressively ... "I don't know if it was more aggressively. We had seen on film that we could take advantage of the fake. We go for it on fourth-and-one, and we have the penalty so it knocks us back. When you look at different punt teams, you look in different zones of the field, what they like to do, what they like to be in, we got exactly what we wanted. Joe (Kerridge) has the ability to call it off. He's a really intelligent guy football-wise, and it was there so we went with it."

On the difficulty stopping the run in the third and fourth quarters ... "They got a little up-tempo. We lost some of our discipline a little bit. We missed some tackles in there; we tackle a little better than that. That, as much as anything, hurt us a little bit. And I'll give them credit too. C.J. Brown is one of those quarterbacks who's a little bit of a gunslinger and does a nice job with running that team, and he's a good athlete."

On quarterback Devin Gardner ... "I thought Devin did an awful lot of good things today, just like everybody else. He wasn't perfect, but this is the first game he's been healthy in about five weeks where he's felt really good with his ankle, and that allowed him to make plays with his feet. He had some balls that were catchable that we didn't catch, and we have to do a better job with that."

On the message to the players in the locker room and refocusing them for Ohio State ... "From what I've seen of this team, every week, I don't think that will be a problem. I do know that the opportunity to play in the greatest rivalry in sport, that kind of gets your juices going."

On taking two timeouts in the third quarter and game management ... "(We were) Trying to help the defense a little bit. And at one time we had the wrong personnel group coming off, obviously didn't want to get caught with 12, and the other one we just wanted to settle them down a bit. I don't like doing that, and (defensive coordinator) Greg (Mattison) doesn't like doing that, but the way the game was going at that time we thought we'd try to slow it down a little bit. You always want to keep them (timeouts)."

On the run game ... "We thought we could run the ball, and I thought Drake (Johnson) took it up in there pretty physically, had some pretty good vision. I thought De'Veon (Smith) did a couple times. Devin (Gardner) being able to create with his legs also was huge for us. I thought the offensive line created some space. But that was great. Now you want to score touchdowns too."

On the passing game ... "We didn't want to throw it a whole lot. We didn't think we needed to as much. We thought we could run the football, and we did pretty well. It's always a combination of things, it's never just one thing. Maybe the ball placement one time was bad, maybe the hand placement on the receiver was bad, maybe the defense was pretty good. You always have all those things."

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