Beilein Sees Team Pass First Test vs UofD

Michigan head coach John Beilein reflects upon his team's 71-62 win over Detroit. After going into the halftime locker room down to their in-state foes the Wolverines responded by playing with greater poise after the break.

Opening statement ... "Going into this game, it was exactly what we expected, a team that was going to come out and pressure us, try and run us out of stuff and see how we could handle it. We didn't anticipate the five-guard approach that they used. It worked really well, and I'm proud of the ways the guys made continuous adjustments to their offensive attacks. They (Detroit) shot 43 percent and only scored 63 points. That's a pretty good game defensively. Offensively, when they sped us up at the beginning of the game, we didn't play with the poise that we expected of our guys. We learned in the second half and played with much more deliberate poise. We read the defense and made a pretty good run."

On if he expected to lean more heavily on the veterans ... "Oh, absolutely. Yesterday in practice we said the same thing. Our scout team really pressured us. There's timing and so many things that happen with young guys. They didn't turn it over as much. Defensively they spread us out, and that was key."

On the many lead changes ... "I think there were a couple pivotal moments -- when they were up 34-30, we really didn't execute offensively, it could have gone the other way. Then we made a good run, and they jumped right back into it. That was good for us to see and probably the biggest reason we kept the young guys off the floor. There's certain ways you can learn -- you can throw them in there, and you learn through a real adversity like losses. We're going to have to pick and choose and really learn in practice."

On Caris LeVert's ability to make things happen ... "He's one of those guys that is multi-talented. He's so quick and can get into the paint. He shoots it very well, and he can really see the assists. That was big for us. We had probably six three-pointers go in and out. That's a good thing because that's going to happen sometimes, and you've still got to run with your defense. As this year goes on, we're going to find creative ways to use him, so he'll be a big part of our offense."

On maintaining poise in the game ... "We thought we were poised, but we weren't. We got sped up. We saw in practice and whether it's Oregon or VCU, we're going to get sped up. It's important to learn how you can execute without being sped up."

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