How is the Michigan Job Perceived? National analyst Brian Dohn checks in with his take on the prestige of the Michigan coaching job, a breakdown of Boston College headman Steve Addazio, and the candidates that the seldom-mentioned candidates that he believes should be higher on Michigan’s list.

Sam Webb:  First a perspective type question, you talk to people. You talk to coaches, atheltic directors,and what not.  What is the perception of the type of job Michigan is? 

Brian Dohn:  “I think it is between really good and okay.  I don’t think it is great, but I think it is very high ranking job, a top job.  The question is what’s the president’s commitment to athletics and do they want to spend the money to go get the really big name coach… wow them and get them away from somebody else just with sheer money?  The other thing is that they’re in a tough side of the Big Ten division and it is tougher to recruit.  I look across the country and people wonder can Michigan be the same, can Nebraska be the same as they were and you talk about all that stuff, but what people have to realize is that other programs are spending a ton more financially to be competitive with Michigan and the traditional powers.  To me that’s what it is.  It makes it very difficult to maintain that level.  There is also is how patient is Michigan these days.  I think there are some questions of patience at Michigan.  So if you’re Dan Mullen and you’re going to the Orange Bowl this year and next year you go to the Cotton Bowl or Chik-Fil-A Bowl or whatever, that’s great at Mississippi State.  That’s awesome!  They can pay the same amount maybe that Michigan is paying and the expectations still remain lower.  It makes it so, ‘I can go make a little more at Michigan but the stakes are a lot higher.’  That’s what makes it intriguing, but at the end of the day, it’s still Michigan.  It’s still an unbelievable place.  The academics are great and the tradition is off the charts.  So you can find the right guy who can do that.  It just takes time.  I think the important thing for Michigan fans to remember is that it is not about how much time it takes this year, because you’re really not losing a bunch in recruiting right now anyway.  You don’t rush to a decision now because it is going to impact you for three or four years, so make it right.”

Sam Webb:  Tell me what you think of Steve Addazio?

Brian Dohn:  “I think Addazio is a good coach who understands offense.  He knows how to run an offense.  He can be multiple.  I look at Addazio as a guy who really makes sense to me.  The newfangled offense that everybody wants to run in college, spreading out and the quarterback running and everything, well shoot, he was the OC when Tebow was down there.  He understands that.  He did it at Temple pretty well.  At BC, they’ve had success rebuilding there and bringing in some more athletes and talent there so that he understands that aspect of it.  I think when you hear and you talk to kids, you either love him as a coach or he can kind of rub you the wrong way.  He had success when he left Temple.  He didn’t leave it with a lot of kids in the program, but when you look at Boston College, he has recruited better at Boston College than maybe they have in the past.  He will be able to point towards his success that he had at Florida with the offense – that’s big.”

Sam Webb:  How did he get the Boston College job?  Wasn’t he coming off a sub-par year at Temple?

Brian Dohn:  “I can’t remember exactly what it was but here’s the deal.  If you go 5-7 at Temple, it is not a sub-par year.  When you’re going into some of these games, you only have a chance to win five or six of them in the season.  You got to understand, you look at Rutgers this year.  Rutgers goes 7-5, but on their schedule if you look at it, there were only eight winnable games.  So you have to take into account what you’re working with.  Does that make sense?”

Sam Webb:  That makes sense. He was 9-4 in 2011 but then he was 4-7 in 2012 before he got the job at Boston College.

Brian Dohn:  “Correct, but you’re talking about Temple.  He took over a team that had players and he did have to retool and the experience there and everything.”

Sam Webb:  Knowing what you know, the coaches around the country and what they run, what coach that maybe hasn’t been talked about with Michigan but should be?  Or maybe he is being talked about, what coach do you think should be higher up?

Brian Dohn:  “That’s a really good question.  You want a coach for four years or for ten?”

Sam Webb:  Give me a four year coach and give me a ten year coach.

Brian Dohn:  “If you want a four year coach and you think you can do it…if you want a short term guy, I’d look at Spurrier and be like hey man let’s go get him.  He’d be energetic, he’d be fun.  He’d be dynamic.  I love Spurrier.  I know they’ve had a bad year this year, but look at what’s he done at South Carolina.” 

“If you’re looking for a longer term guy I’d look at a Jim Mora, Jr.  He has done well at UCLA.  It is very similar when you look at the structure of athletics and the academic fold.  To me, he can recruit, he’s personable, he’s got the NFL cache of hey, and he knows the NFL game, which you can sell to recruit.  He has got a big name nationally.  He’ll win the press conference from day one.”

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