Is Les Miles Michigan's Man?

With rumors that Michigan athletic director Jim Hackett will reduce his candidates to four -- is Les Miles good enough to make cut?

Les Miles


Current Salary: $4.3 million

Miles is 103-28 in 10 seasons with LSU, including an SEC and BCS National Championship in 2007. Nicknamed “The Mad Hatter,” Miles is known for his aggressive play calling and stout defensive teams during his tenure in Baton Rouge, La. A 1975 Michigan graduate, Miles played under hall of fame coach Bo Schembechler. He has been rumored to the Michigan job the past two job openings, and is considered another strong candidate this time around. He also coached at Oklahoma State (27-25) for four seasons prior to coming to LSU. He has two SEC titles (’07, ’11) during his reign as the Tigers head coach, and won 2011 AP National Coach of the Year. analysis: National recruiting analyst and college football expert Jamie Newburg said: "And to me it’s a no brainer. I got to believe, at least in my opinion that Les Miles is perfect and best candidate for the Michigan job. No. 1 he is a Michigan Man. And No. 2 he is a proven winner. He’s won everywhere he has been. He’s won at the highest level at LSU and the SEC. He knows how to get the job done. I just think it’s laughable that he is not the second guy they call. The first call has to be to [Jim] Harbaugh. The second got to be Miles.”

Pros: Miles is proven winner. He is a great recruiter. He graduates his players. He puts his players in the NFL. He has won every where he has gone. And, most notably, he knows what it takes to win at Michigan. It seems to many, if offered, that he would like to make the move to Ann Arbor, Mich. But will he be given the chance?

Cons: At 61, Miles’ age could be used against him. No one is denying his wining pedigree, but his age limits him for how long he could be the headman at U-M. Also, it seems he may have ruffled some feathers with previous administration when he was an U-M assistant from 1987-94. Have they forgiven him? That remains to be seen.

What We Know:Michigan did contact his agent on Tuesday. Which means there is interest. How much? Well, no offer was made, but U-M seems like they are gauging interest of four candidates. And it would seem Miles has a good chance to be one of them. As far as his interest, however, we don’t know what was said and how interested Miles really is in the job.

If Hired: Miles would bring instant credibility to the program. As mentioned, he’s a winner and won at the highest level of football in the SEC. A proven recruiter, he could walk into a lot of recruits living rooms and walk out with a commitment or two. While many fans want Harbaugh, Miles would still spark positive conversation for the program.

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