The Other West Coast Target: Jim Mora

Should Michigan consider UCLA's Jim Mora as its next head coach?

Jim Mora


Current Salary: $3.5 million

Mora is 28-11 in three seasons with UCLA, including a 3-0 record versus cross town rival USC. In his first season, he led the Bruins to the Pac-12 South championship. At UCLA, he has been celebrated for turning around the program after years of disappointment. Mora also has NFL pedigree. He is the son of former NFL coach Jim E. Mora. He also coached the Atlanta Falcons from 2004-06 and Seattle Seahawks in 2009, compiling a 32-34 record. In ’04, he led the Falcons to the NFC championship game. analysis: National recruiting analyst and college football expert Brandon Huffman said: ”I think there’d probably be some interest in Michigan but here’s a guy that turned down Texas last year, turned down his alma mater Washington for a second time to stay at UCLA. I know he has two kids that are college students in LA that started college in LA since he got the UCLA job, and then he’s got two younger children. I just don’t see him leaving UCLA for a college job. What I do envision him leaving is if the right NFL job came open, I could see him going back to the NFL, much like Pete Carroll where you had a little success in college, obviously Carroll had more success in college, but I could see Mora figuring I got fired twice, the second time I didn’t really get a good chance, had one year and it was a bad team that I inherited and I got fired. I could see him saying I’ve done well in college, it was great, and I’ve got a good fall back plan without trying the NFL one more time. After turning down Texas and everything they have resource wise and money wise, recruiting base wise, and then turning down his alma mater for the second time, I just don’t see him leaving for a college job next. I think he’d go back to the NFL.”

Pros: Mora has proven he can turn around a program, which Michigan desperately needs at the moment. His NFL background can be used as a selling point to potential commits. At 53, Mora is young enough to come to Michigan for the long haul. His youth and energy could be what the programs needs at the moment.

Cons: While Mora is clearly a hot coach right now. Does he really want to stay in the college game? As earlier stated, he didn’t really get a fair shot his second stint as an NFL coach with the Seahawks. Even if he were to come to U-M, he might not stay for long. And Michigan doesn’t want to go through another hiring any time soon.

What We Know:Mora’s agent Jimmy Sexton has been in contact with Michigan to see if there was any interest. It seems the Wolverines are interested. But with Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles also as potential candidates, where does Mora reside on U-M’s list?

If Hired:It would be safe to say it wouldn’t bring the excitement that Harbaugh or Miles would bring to the program. But Mora has proven he can coach at the collegiate level. He also can recruit against the USC’s of the world. So his ability to come and compete with Ohio State and Michigan State for top prospects would be crucial.

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