Rumor: Michigan Westward Bound?

Want to read the hottest rumors about Michigan's coaching search? Want to know about some of the leads we're currently following up on? Well we have the place for you. GoBlueWolverine's Coaching Search Rumor Board. Monday night saw a major spike in Harbaugh activity.

Rumor traffic about Michigan coaching target Jim Harbaugh picked up significant steam Wednesday night on the Coaching Search Rumor Board. The hottest topic is a rumored West Coast trek this week by Michigan

So what is the Coaching Search Rumor Board, you ask?

It is a premium forum where everything goes rumor wise. We will NOT guarantee the veracity of posts made on that board. The content will not have been fact checked. It’s raw, unfiltered, and doesn’t have to live up to any standard. In the event that we verify a rumor that appears on that board as true, it will be moved over to our primary premium message board, the Victors Club. The Victors Club board will be the forum where the posts from site staff meet an accuracy standard. Subscribers can look at it and know that the information has withstood a certain level of scrutiny and we that stand behind it.

So who can post on the Coaching Search Rumor Board?

Any premium poster. Certainly the staff here can and will offer frequent input, but we encourage posters to post their rumors as well. Certainly some of you are "insiders" in your own right. Well now you have a real chance to build up your "insider" profile. Earn your street cred. So now instead of subscribers sending their rumors to us (like the subscriber that sent Tom Beaver the rumor about the supposed epic offer to Harbaugh), now you can post rumorslike that yourself. The more information you get right the more people will look to you as someone to listen to/know. If you want to stay anonymous and not attach your name to the rumors, you can still send them to us and we can post them with the tag: ”subscriber rumor.”

We’ll figure out creative tags for proven insiders in the coming days. For now we’re just launching the board so it gets off the ground immediately so we can get the coaching search rumors going.

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