Closer Look: Significance of Harbaugh at U-M

Sam Webb and Kyle Bogenschutz discuss Jim Harbaugh's move to Michigan and why exactly it took so long for NFL insiders to truly believe the wildly successful 49ers' coach would leave the pros.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Jim Harbaugh’s move from the top of the NFL and back to college football -- more specifically his alma mater in Michigan -- still has shockwaves reverberating through the minds of NFL insiders.

In fact, have the Raiders given up yet? Kidding of course.

The move does signify the importance of the position at Michigan and the heartfelt decision Harbaugh made to have yet another homecoming with his family and Ann Arbor, only this time around it’ll be to raise some of his own children and be the man in charge inside Schembechler Hall.

From a national perspective and looking at the landscape of college football as we know it, just one day from embarking on the first ever four-team playoff, how big is Harbaugh’s hire at Michigan?

Sam Webb tackles that question and more following Harbaugh’s press conference.

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