Irons: U-M’s Turnaround Will be “Fast"

Jarrett Irons made sure he was back in Ann Arbor last Tuesday. The former captain wanted to be present for the beginning of what he believes will be a rise back to the upper echelon of college football.

Most of those interested in Michigan’s coaching search were mere bystanders during the process. Not former Wolverine captain Jarrett Irons.  He had a direct line to Michigan’s future coach.

“It’s funny… when I texted Jim a couple of weeks ago, I said, ‘good luck in your decision’ and I was like, ‘Go Blue!’,” Irons recalled.  “He texted back and said, ‘hope all is well with your family.’  Then I said, ‘hang in there.’  His text back was, ‘that’s what we’ve been trained to do.’  That’s when I knew there could be a glimmer.  Because (Harbaugh was) right, we’ve been trained to do what we have to do.  I’m very happy that he’s here and we’ll get back to work and see what happens.”

There’s almost a certainty about what’s on the horizon now for Michigan. Opponents likely see it as a return of the arrogance that had been eroded by seven years of mediocrity.  But one need only look at Harbaugh’s track record. He has been successful everywhere he has been, and there is every reason to believe the same formula will lead to the same outstanding results in Ann Arbor. That definitely is what Irons expects.

“He doesn’t lose the fact that at the end of the day it is X’s and O’s,” said Irons.  “No matter what level.  He would probably coach the same way if he was coaching on the high school level.  He’s going to be intense, he’s going to work hard, and he’s going to ask his guys to work hard.  Football is football.  We make it harder than it is because it is on different levels, but it is the same thing.  The one thing that never changes is that it is still football.  I think that he always has the mentality and that’s why he has been successful.”

Another characteristic of Harbaugh’s prior successes is the rapidity with which the success comes.  Irons believes a similar pace will be experienced in Ann Arbor.

“It’s going to be interesting,” Irons stated.  “I think that it is going to be fast… faster than a lot of people might expect.  I think right off the bat, what will be a good test… watch how quickly the recruits start coming here… the recruits that we get in the next month.  I think you’ll see that’ll be kind of an indication of what kind of turnaround he is going to have.  Right now if you look at the guys that decommitted or the guys that we do not have a shot at, watch us have a shot at them now.”

To view the interview with Irons press play below.

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