Beilein Focused on getting better, confidence

John Beilein addressed the media as Michigan gets ready to play at Penn State this Tuesday.

Michigan coach John Beilein addressed the media via teleconference today as U-M prepares to take on Penn State this Tuesday.

Here is a printed transcript of today’s teleconference.

Working on specific points of improvement after the Purdue loss:

“I think we chose to learn from that game as much as we could. We did a little bit with Penn State [on Sunday] in our practice. The days after a game are usually are not as involved as the ones before the game. We chose ‘how much can we learn from this game moving forward?’ Because there are things in that game that we have to improve in that we’ll see with Penn State and every team during the year. So that was a big message. We’re down by just four points with over five minutes to go where we had some really bad basketball on a couple of occasions and could have been there to win it. But we still couldn’t get it done. That was the message. We can’t control something’s and we got to do a better job of controlling those.”

On the challenge of working with his team when they struggling shooting the ball:

”The first thing you have to do is know what is good shot after not taking a good shots. So trying to get people to take better shots. And I think we had six in what we thought were really bad shots in the game. Obviously in this league that’s six possessions you’re giving to the other team. “The second thing is a lot of confidence,” Beileien said. “Just repetition, repetition, repetition and continue to test them in practice. And put them on the clock and making sure you’re taking game type shots in practice. Then I think the last thing is, it’d contagious both individually as a team as long as you stay confident and keep telling guys to shoot when you’re open. The key is – are you open?”

How the players are reacting to their early season struggles:

”Over half of our team was not on this team last year. They are young guys who are forced to play very mature roles at a very early age. And there is no sense of urgency, other than the urgency of today. We have to get better today. And don’t worry about it. Just apply the way we have basically have every year. How much can I improve today? Because that’s the only answer to success during basketball season.”

How can they can improve team rebounding?

”First off, offensively we’re not going to get a lot of offensive rebounds. Put other forward has to go to the backboard. And he wasn’t going the other day. Just got to get two or three of those a game. And we didn’t make many attempts in those areas. “You miss so many shots, you’re going to get outrebounded. When you shoot 25 to 30 percent, you’re going to get outrebounded. Especially us, because we’re not going to get a lot of rebounds. We prefer you’re not getting transition baskets.

“The numbers are staggering in a game like that. But like I said, we missed so many darn shots, 30 or 40 shots. I mean those are rebounds the other team is going to get and you’re not going to be doing anything about it. What was disappointing, was they got 40 percent of theirs back.”

On Ricky Doyle’s improved play:

“I think we saw that a little bit versus Purdue where he knocked down his first [jumper]. He has only taken three jump shots this year, and he is 3-for-3. So he’s feeling more comfortable being 10, 15 [feet away]. He’s actually working on his three-point shot right now as well. So yhat has really been big for us. He’s embraced the physicality of Division 1 basketball probably as any young man that I’ve ever coached. He’s still learning the ins and outs. He’s usually playing against a good experienced player. But we’ve liked what we have seen from him thus far. I think he’s got at 18 ½ years old, I think he’s got a very high ceiling.”

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