Jim Harbaugh Rooting For Ohio State Monday

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh says he'll be rooting for Ohio State Monday in the national title game, in an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show Thursday. Harbaugh also discussed expectations this fall and what phrase he and his Wolverines will be looking to embrace daily in Ann Arbor.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh continued making his rounds with national media Thursday, appearing on the Rich Eisen Show earlier this afternoon.

Both University of Michigan grads, the exchange could be considered more friendly and informal than it was professional, but Harbaugh did find some interesting things to say.

Earlier this week Mark Snyder reported in the Detroit Free Press that Harbaugh would take part in ESPN’s coverage of the national championship game Monday between Ohio State and Oregon.

While Harbaugh didn’t confirm his participation in the event, one that will decide the first ever college football playoff, the new coach of the Wolverines does know which team he’s hoping walks away with the trophy.

“I’m going to be rooting for Ohio State,” Harbaugh told Eisen. “I’m a Midwesterner, I was raised in Ohio, went to Michigan and raised in Michigan as well.

“But, for Big Ten football, for Midwest football, there’s been a lot of talk about other conferences etcetera and I think it’s just fabulous that a team from our conference is playing in this game.”

Prior to wrapping up his response Harbaugh quickly added, “I’d rather it be us.”

Michigan though, coming off a 5-7 finish in 2014, has a long way to go before being considered a threat for the college football playoff, let alone an appearance for the national title.

And Harbaugh isn’t shy about discussing that fact, not looking to make any promises for the upcoming 2015 season.

“I appreciate the support and the enthusiasm and excitement from people who are for us, for Michigan, and hopefully a year from now you have that same excitement and enthusiasm,” Harbaugh said. “As far as expectations, you can hope for it, but we’ve got to work at it. And I’m committed to doing the best job we possibly can. Expectations will be very high, this is the University of Michigan.

“Expectations were very high last night for a great team meeting. Expectations are high today, we’ve got team running and conditioning and they’ll be high for tomorrow, we’re in the weight room tomorrow (with) lift groups throughout the day. That’s where we’re at.”

Speaking on his first team meeting with Michigan, which took place Wednesday night at Schembechler Hall, Harbaugh again didn’t offer much detail.

“What a great honor that is to be in front of a Michigan team,” Harbaugh said. “Building relationships, a team is a group of relationships focused on achieving a goal and that process began officially last night.”

Asked if Michigan would be averse to starting a freshman at quarterback this fall, Harbaugh responded by stating he and his coaching staff will discuss many different things.

Harbaugh ended that comment with perhaps his most impactful line of the appearance, something Michigan would be wise to embrace with expectations suddenly sky rocketing once again in Ann Arbor.

“We’d rather be about it, than talk about it,” he said. “And that’s going to be our approach.”

When Michigan’s home opener arrives on Sept. 12 against Oregon State, it’ll be the first time Harbaugh has been in the big house for a game since 1987.

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