Mattison, Harbaugh Excite Bredeson

Michigan was among the favorites for 2016 Hartland (Wis.) Arrowhead offensive lineman before the coaching change. Jim Harbaugh’s decision to retain Greg Mattison has only served to fortify the Wolverines’ position.

Greg Mattison was widely regarded as one of the best recruiters on Michigan’s previous coaching staff, so it should come as no surprise that word of his retention is being received well on the recruiting trail.  Nowhere has the news been more popular than in Hartland, Wisconsin, home four-star offensive lineman Ben Bredeson.

“That was big for me because he and I have definitely gotten close over the last two months that he has been recruiting me,” said Bredeson.  “He is a guy that I talk to the most from Michigan and he has been a great resource for me.  I was pretty happy that he was sticking around.”

Of course Mattison’s return to Ann Arbor wasn’t the biggest coaching news on Michigan’s docket.  That distinction obviously goes to Jim Harbaugh’s hire in late December.

“That was a big one too,” Bredeson said.  “I first heard about through my brother who obviously going to go there and pitch.  One he texted me that it was official that Harbaugh was going I was pretty excited because that was the guy that they wanted to get and that they needed to get.   Now that he is there I’m sure the program is going to be much better off. I’m excited to get out there and see what’s going on.”

That’s a pretty positive outlook for a program in the infancy of a new regime.  The same can be said for his view of Wisconsin and its new coaching staff. That’s why he scoffs at the notion that Notre Dame, the other team he listed in his top three last fall, now has an advantage because of the continuity of its coaching staff. 

“Nothing has changed,” he said matter-of-factly.  “You fall in love with a school.  Michigan was Michigan before Harbaugh and it’ll be Michigan after Harbaugh.  I loved it before.  I’m sure with him there it is only going to make it more appealing.  When I go see it, it’s going to be awesome and I’m going to meet the coaches and reevaluate it there.  It is going to be the same when I go to Madison and see Wisconsin and see what the coaching staff there is going to be.  I tried to fall in love with the school.  Everybody knows that these staffs come and go.  You’re going to go to a school for four to five years (and you can’t) rely on a coach staying there.  You still have to make some personal connections with them because you’re going to be working for them in your time in college.  You want to account for that too, which is why I kind of pushed everything back.”

In other words, don’t expect a decision from Bredeson anytime soon.

“I’ve got to get out there and check both those places out before I start thinking too serious where I want to go,” he said. “(Visits) will most likely be in the spring.  I’m in basketball right now and that takes up the majority of my time.  Once that’s done, I’ll be able to go out more.”

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