Williams Ready to Explore Michigan

Jackson (OH) FB/LB Reagan Williams has been committed to Stanford since last summer, but sudden interest from Jim Harbaugh has given the versatile youngster slight pause. The Buckeye State star insists the Cardinal have a sizeable lead, but the Wolverines will have the chance to eat into it this weekend.

Sam Webb:  Did you know Michigan was about to come at you with an offer?

Reagan Williams:  “It is something that I kind of expected in my mind, but I hadn’t talked to them at all or anything, but I kind of felt it coming just from Coach Harbaugh’s style of plan and what was coming next for Michigan.”

Sam Webb:  What about your interest level in Michigan?  Where does that stand right now?

Reagan Williams:  “Right now I’m committed to Stanford, but I have an official visit planned starting this Friday at Michigan.  It is an option that I’m going to explore and see what comes from it.”

Sam Webb:  Did the Stanford coaches talk to you about it very much?

Reagan Williams:  “We talked in depth about it.  I have a great relationship with every single coach at Stanford being committed as early as I was.  Definitely talked to every single coach, especially Coach Shaw and basically without going too in depth about our conversation, the message was, explore my options but at the end of the day make the decision that is right for me, so that’s what I’m planning to do.”

Sam Webb:  I ask this to every Ohio guy, so this is not a question I’m throwing specifically at you… but I imagine there is a lot of Ohio State influence around you.  Did you grow up a fan of the Buckeyes at all?

Reagan Williams:  “It’s a funny story.  I did grow up a fan of the Buckeyes.  I was a diehard fan, one of the kids who cried when they lost and cheered when they won.  That was literally.  I was a Buckeye fan, but the recruiting process kind of sways your interest a little bit.  I know all about Michigan.  Growing up an Ohio State fan, interest gets swayed in the recruiting process.  I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but right now it is what it is.”

Sam Webb:  Was there ever that inkling, that twinge, a feeling that made you say, “wait a minute, I grew up not liking this team?”

Reagan Williams:  “The recruiting process changes a lot.  It is a lot about how you think and feel about teams, that hatred or dread or that love, or whatever.  It changes and it comes down to a place where Michigan is a place with great academics and a great new coach who really has passion for the game and Stanford’s academics are the best in the world.  It’s hard to compete with that.  It comes down to where you can see yourself for the next four years and then past that being an alumni.  That’s what it really comes down to.”

Sam Webb:  What position is Michigan recruiting you for?

Reagan Williams:  “Kind of like a fullback/tight end type thing, a little bit of H back.  A guy that is versatile and hardnosed.  I know Harbaugh’s offense uses a lot of fullbacks, right about there.”

Sam Webb:  Is that the position that Stanford recruited you for as well?

Reagan Williams:  “Yes sir it is.”

Sam Webb:  So Imagine that’s your preference to play on the offensive side of the football?

Reagan Williams:  “I wouldn’t say that I have a preference or anything like that, but it is kind of the position that I fell into fitting into these types of offenses and it is something that I’m very excited about playing fullback and I know the opportunity is there for me.”

Sam Webb:  In your own words, pretend you’re a coach or scout in the stands and break down your game. Give me a scouting report?

Reagan Williams:  “I’m very physical.  Things that you can see on my film, I’m physical and that translates both on offense and defense.  In high school, I played a lot of linebacker and a lot of tight end.  I didn’t really play a lot of fullback in high school.  It is something that you can see that translates to the position, physicality, toughness, acceleration, quick burst, change of direction, things like that.  The intangibles that you can’t really see on film, leadership and pushing my guys and things like that.”

Sam Webb:  What is your height, weight and 40 time?

Reagan Williams:  “I’m 6’2-1/2”, 235 right now and I can’t give you an accurate forty time, because I haven’t run one since last summer.  I can’t give you an accurate one of those so I don’t want to put out any (incorrect) numbers.”

Sam Webb:  Let’s fast-forward to the moment where you’re getting ready to sit down and make your final decision. Give me an idea of what the factors are going to be.  What are going to be the most significant factors in that final choice?

Reagan Williams:  “Cliché answer would be wherever I fit back.  I’m coming off this visit at Stanford, I loved every bit of it.  There is nothing that I would change.  I got to talk to some of the current players and guys that are already currently committed in my class.  I felt at home with them and I guess that’s kind of the trip to Michigan see how I feel and get to meet the coaching staff, meet those guys.  Obviously, I’ve never talked to any of them except one or two that they retained.  Just get a feel to see what it’s like and explore the option mostly.”

Sam Webb:  How do you determine fit and feel; what are the things that you’ll be looking for?

Reagan Williams:  “Fit is just something that you feel inside yourself, a lot of things are intangible, things you can’t necessarily be defined, but just getting around the guys, getting around some of the other recruits that might be visiting with me.  Talking with current players, guys that are already there and just being around the coaching staff too.  That’s one thing I really enjoyed about this past weekend was that I got to do all those things in depth fashion and that’s something I’m looking forward to seeing about Michigan as well.”

Sam Webb:  Do you think in your heart of hearts that distance from home is going to play any factor whatsoever?

Reagan Williams:  “I’ll tell you, not really so much for me.  It might be something for my parents just being able to view more of my games going to Michigan, but for me I’m just kind of a breed that likes to branch out.  That’s why distance really isn’t a factor, going to California is about as far as you can get from my place aside somewhere like Hawaii.  Branching out and going different places is not going to be that big of a factor for me if any probably.”

Sam Webb:  Last one. Are you considering or hearing from any other schools, and are you going to wait until signing day to make a final decision?

Reagan Williams:  “No other schools.  Right now I’m committed to Stanford and just exploring my options at Michigan.  I’d like to have a decision be made before signing day to go ahead and let everybody know and let them sign.  I don’t know if I’m going to need to make a decision yet because I’m committed to Stanford.  I love Stanford and I’m solid this, and this is just an exploration and to see if they can sway me.  I’d like to have the decision made before signing day.”

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