Snyder 'Enjoyed' Official Visit to Michigan

San Roman (Calif.) California senior tight end Matt Snyder talks Michigan visit, his in-home with coach Jim Harbaugh, decision timeline and more.

San Roman (Calif.) California senior tight end Matt Snyder made the cross country trip to Michigan this past weekend to see what coach Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines have to offer. And after spending the weekend meeting the coaching staff, dining out on the town, and soaking in a men’s basketball game, the Nebraska commit admits he thoroughly “enjoyed” his visit.

“It was cool,” Snyder said. “I had a good time. They put together a good visit. [Schools] always do a good job with the visits. I enjoyed myself.”

Snyder, who committed to the Cornhuskers in late December, says after his visit he is seriously considering the Wolverines as an option.

“I’m thinking about it,” Snyder said of his decision to stay with the Cornhuskers or not. “Coach [Jim] Harbaugh is supposed to coming over the house [on Monday]. So we’ll talk about it some more. But yeah, I’m interested. We’ll see.”

Before coach Harbaugh comes over, however, Snyder says he wants to sit down with his parents and weight out the pros and cons of Michigan.

“They liked [Michigan],” Snyder said of his parents. “We were going to sit down and talk detail Monday morning. Because we haven’t much time to talk about it. We were pretty busy this weekend. But they seem like they liked it.

“I could see myself attending [Michigan],” Snyder admitted. “It’s just a matter of figuring it out and talking it over with my parents. And will talk with coach [Jim] Harbaugh again tomorrow. We’ll see, I’m interested.”

As far as his visit to Ann Arbor, Mich., Snyder says Michigan did a good job of making him feel welcomed and showing him all the university has to offer.

“We’re really big on academics,” Snyder said. “They had a really big academic presentation for us. It’s a really good academic school. So that is obviously a big part of picking a college. The fans were pretty cool at the basketball game. I was an exciting game. They could’ve beat Wisconsin, but it was till good atmosphere. The coaching staff was with us almost the whole weekend. It was nice to be with all the coaches.”

He also had a chance to sit down with tight ends coach Jay Harbaugh.

“We sat down in his office for maybe an half hour to 45 minutes,” Snyder said of his meeting with Jay Harbaugh. “We just went through some film and he showed me what I would be doing and stuff like that. He did a great job.”

The visit gave Snyder a chance to meet coach Jim Harbaugh for the first time in person, as well.

“He’s great he was pretty much fired up the whole weekend about us being out there,” Snyder said. “He was with us at all the meals and the basketball game. Which is pretty cool. The fans love him and he was really enthusiastic the whole entire weekend. That was pretty fun.”

With his in-home visit set with Michigan tonight, Snyder says he would like to make his final decision in the near future.

“I’m trying to figure out how to decide and shut it down as soon as possible,” Snyder said. “Really, just to be fair to both schools. It’s just easier for everybody. It’s definitely not going to be a signing day ‘hat’ type of thing. As soon as I know, I’ll know.”

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