Texas DL Wants to Feel the Love from U-M

Euless (Tex.) Trinity DL Chris Daniels has seen his recruitment get off to a hot start with a number of southern powers hot on his trail. That hasn’t stopped him for longing for more attention from the northern school he grew up loving.

They say home is where the heart is.

For a good portion of Chris Daniels’ formative years, home was Muskegon Michigan.  Because of that four-star DT formed a boyhood affinity for a college program far away from his current home in Euless, Texas.

“I grew up a Michigan fan,” said Daniels. “I moved there when I was five years old until I was about nine. Then I went back my freshman year for about six months.  That’s when I got offered by Western Michigan.”

“My mom was born in Michigan.  She has a lot of family up there.”

In the two years since receiving that first offer from Western, Daniels’ recruiting profile has grown significantly.  He now boasts 11 offers, highlighted by scholarships from TCU, USC, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss.  One glimpse at his 6-4, 290-lb. frame and non-stop motor and it’s easy to see why.

“They say, ‘he executes,’” Daniels said describing feedback from coaches that have watched him.  “(They say) ‘he doesn’t take any plays off.  Double team, triple team, quadruple team… he’s going to get to the ball. He flies to the ball. If he gets knocked down, he’ll get right back up.  He’s a team player.  He’s not just about himself.  He’ll make sacrifices for the team.’”

That type mentality combined with his impressive talent make more offers in the very near future a virtual certainty.  Daniels hopes that Michigan will be among them.

“I talked to the defensive coordinator three times last year in spring ball” he recalled.  “I don’t really talk to them a lot now. I’m just now getting a few followers (on Twitter) from them though.  I’ve been looking for Michigan to come through with an offer and give me some love.”

Despite the minimal contact to this point the Wolverines figure very prominently on his current leaderboard.

Said Daniels, “It’s TCU, Baylor, and then my third is Michigan.”

Fortunately for the Maize & Blue there is plenty of time to build the relationship necessary to move farther up his list.

“I’m just trying to wait it out,” said Daniels.  “My dad really wants me to make an informed decision and doesn’t want me to get caught up in the moment.  This decision could change my whole life and he wants me to wait a little longer.  My senior year, maybe during the playoffs of my senior season (I’ll commit to a school).  “This is just the beginning. I’m getting offers every week.  I’m just trying to wait and get all my choices up and just let go and let God.”

“It’s going to come down to playing time, depth chart, how the coaches treat me and the people around me.  The people around me for four years… that’s a big thing for me.”

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