Fla. WR “Would Love to Go to U-M”

According to Tampa (Fla.) Sickles wideout Trey Fullwood Michigan just might be the team to beat.

For Trey Fullwood recruiting interest has been rising steadily in recent weeks.  The Tampa (Fla.) Sickles wideout is up to nine offers, headlined 2014 national champ Florida State.  The Seminoles were clearly among those that bore witness to the talented youngster’s strong junior campaign.

“(The season) went real well,” Fullwood said.  “We wanted to get to state, but we made a couple of mistakes.  We lost in the second round when we shouldn’t have.  I had a real good year though. I don’t know my exact stats, but I know I was leading the district in touchdowns and receiving yards.”

The 6-2 195-pounder’s ball skills are catching the attention of new suitors seemingly by the day.  Michigan was among them, but the contact has been limited to social media thus far. If and when the Wolverines step up their interest it will definitely be returned in kind.

“I’d love to go there honestly,” Fullwood said.  “I’m trying to get away from home and it seems like a nice place.  Coach Harbaugh is a good coach.”

 “I’d go anywhere, but I like Michigan.  I really do like Michigan.  They’d be at the top of my list if they offered me.  (That comes from) just watching them growing up and liking them since I was little.  I just want to go far from home.  I don’t know, it is something about them that I like.  Adding on, they got Coach Harbaugh so that made me like them even more.”

For now Michigan sits just outside of Fullwood’s list of favorites, but future visits and offers could shake things up considerably.

“My top three is USF, Florida State and Cincinnati,” he said.  “I haven’t been (to any college campuses) so far because all my offers are starting to pile up.  In the last two weeks, they’ve just started to pile up.  I plan on going to a couple of colleges for their spring practices and spring game… like next month or April.”

“If (the Wolverines) offer me I’m most definitely coming (on a visit).  I can make it up whenever they want me to come or whenever, I’ll most definitely be up there if they offer me.”

After taking those visits a final decision may not be far behind.

“I’m probably going to commit (in the summer),” Fullwood said.  “(It will come down to) if I go on the visit and it is unbelievable nice… if I really like it and I feel like I’m home and all the coaches and players are family.  I (also) want everybody has a winning attitude, I’m trying to win.  That’s basically it.”

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