Beilein Watches Battle Score 26

Michigan coach John Beilein made his way to Gill (N.J.) St. Bernard Saturday to check out 2016 five-star wing Tyus Battle. Battle’s father Gary discusses his son’s play, the interaction with the Wolverines, and thoughts on Michigan’s season.

Michigan’s season hasn’t exactly gone as planned with the Wolverines now sitting at .500 including a 6-8 mark in Big Ten play nearing the end of February.

Given the struggles this season compared to the last few, Gary Battle, the father of 2016 Gill (N.J.) St. Bernard five-star wing Tyus Battle, is gaining a different perspective of Michigan’s coaching staff looking on from a far.

“They’ve had some unfortunate circumstances with a lot of their key guys being hurt and a lot of guys that are playing a lot of minutes that are forced to do it,” Battle said. “Michigan has built up enough equity in the basketball world with the Final Four and final eight last year, so clearly they can coach and they know what they’re doing.

“They’ve put four or five guys in the NBA the last couple seasons. It’s really allowed us to see how they work in adverse situations. I don’t think a lot of coaching staffs in the country could do what they’re doing with this roster right now.”

Hoping to turn over some of the roster or at the very least make key additions on the recruiting trail in the future, Michigan continues to build its relationship with the Battle family.

According to Battle’s father, the Wolverines continue to impress with its recruiting style and candidness in person or over the phone.

“It’s going really well,” Battle said. “They have done a great job recruiting Tyus and our family. We’re really happy with how that’s going. We talk to Jeff (Meyer) and LaVall (Jordan) and Coach Beilein often, both myself and Tyus and my wife.

“It’s been great. They really show how much they value him and it’s a clear picture of how we think, depending on the lineup, how they would play him.”

Saturday afternoon Beilein ventured over to New Jersey to catch a win for Battle and St. Bernard’s despite heavy pressure from the opposing team.

“He really had to work hard to get it cause he was double and triple teamed all day,” Battle said. “He took 13 shots to get 26 points. He’s scoring a lot around the basket cause he’s changed his body and gotten stronger.”

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