Calif. CB to Visit Michigan Soon

Newbury Park (Calif.) CB Darnay Holmes picked up a Michigan offer last week and now the 2017 standout is in the process of planning a visit to Ann Arbor.

Sam Webb:  Before we talk about recruiting let’s talk about how things went for you on the football field last year. 

Darnay Holmes:  “The season went well.  We went to the finals but we came up short, we lost by 8 points.  Overall, I did really well.  I dominated on both sides of the field.  I was very happy about that.  Now it is time to get ready for the fall season.” 

Sam Webb:  Give me a scouting report on Darnay Holmes.  Break down your game. 

Darnay Holmes:  “A guy who is very dominant on both sides of the field.  Who will definitely do whatever it takes to get the W.  He always wants to be the guy who comes out in the number one spot no matter what it is, whether it is in the classroom or on the field.  I’m always the guy who wants to dominate and show everybody that he is really the person that he is projected to be.” 

Sam Webb:  At this point, what is your height, your weight, and your 40 time? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I am 5-11, 185.  My forty time is a 4.5.” 

Sam Webb:  You mentioned that you dominated on both sides of the ball.  Do you have a preference for which position you’ll play at the next level? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I feel like I am more dominant on the defensive side.  If it comes down to it, I have play both sides, I would definitely be up for it.” 

Sam Webb:  When the Michigan came through was it something that you were expecting or did it hit you out of the blue? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I’d been getting a couple of follows on Twitter from the coaches and I knew that was a hint at something.  It was like one of those things I was kind of expecting but then I was like, it’s not going to happen for a while.  Then I got a call from dad and I was on a three-way with Coach Chris (Partridge) so I knew it was a done deal for me.” 

Sam Webb:  What are your thoughts on Michigan at this point?  What do you know, what, if anything, do you like about Michigan? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I know that they have a new coaching staff that is going to be doing a great job up there.  The other thing that I know is that they are going to be a team that is going to do great in the Big Ten, no matter what the circumstances are.  Other than that, that’s the only think I know about Michigan.  Once I go on a visit up there I’ll definitely learn more about their tradition.” 

Sam Webb:  You mentioned that you have been in contact with Coach Partridge. Have you connected with any other Michigan coaches, and what are your impressions thus far?

Darnay Holmes:  “I’ve been talking to Coach Chris.  That was my first guy that I talked to.  He was the only guy I talked to as of right now.  It was a great vibe when I got on the phone with him.  He was very excited about me.  He was very excited that me and family are going to plan a trip to come up here to have a chance to meet the coaching staff and the coaches behind Michigan.” 

Sam Webb:  So you have around 20 offers now. Have you gotten to the point where any of those schools started sticking out for you yet? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I have not gotten to that point but probably I will narrow down the list next season.  I’m going to take a couple of visits to the schools that are in my top list, which I don’t have yet.  So, once I get that, I’ll narrow that down and take visits, I’ll definitely start narrowing down my list.”   

Sam Webb:  So what about criteria.  What are going to be the most significant factors that lead you to pick one school over all the rest? 

Darnay Holmes:  “How are the coaches up there?  Is it a great environment?  Will I be able to adapt to that environment, adapt to the weather circumstance?  How is the academics program?  How is the finance and business department of the school?  Also, will they always be in the running to go and get a national championship?  Lastly, will I have a chance to start as a true freshman?” 

Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?  Is that going to factor into the equation for you? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I’ve already had that talk to my parents.  They are really not too worried.  They just want me to make the best decision for myself.  They really don’t worry about that distance from home.  My parents are just leaving it up to me to make the best decision.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan any particular school growing up? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I actually rooted for Ohio State a little bit.  I never knew about that big rivalry until last spring when I was taking a visit to Ohio State.  I know that’s like a big rivalry up there.” 

Sam Webb:  Once you learned about how big that was, was it kind of weird for you to be talking about Michigan after you grew up rooting for Ohio State? 

Darnay Holmes:  “Yeah it was a weird thing to be doing that.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you visit Ohio State for the Michigan game? 

Darnay Holmes:  “No, I visited during the springtime.  I didn’t have a chance to go up there for the Michigan game.” 

Sam Webb:  What other schools have you been to so far? 

Darnay Holmes:  “Clemson, Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, and the hometown school’s SC.” 

Sam Webb:  Earlier you mentioned the possibility of visiting Michigan. Is that a trip you’re definitely going to take?

Darnay Holmes:  “No doubt.  I’m going to make a visit pretty soon. As soon as I have a break from training.  Once I have a break from that, me and my family are definitely going to take a visit up there.” 

Sam Webb:  So you’re thinking you’re going to do this before next season? 

Darnay Holmes:  “Oh yeah, no doubt.” 

Sam Webb:  Last but certainly not least, you kind of gave me kind of a loose timeline of when you want to narrow things down.  What about when you’re going to make that final decision, are you going to wait until signing day of your senior year, how do you want that all to play out? 

Darnay Holmes:  “I’m definitely going to be that guy that is going to wait until signing day and pick and choose.  I’ going to have my decision thought out before signing day so I will definitely be commit before signing day happens, I’m just going to sign my national letter of intent on signing day.” 

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