Harbaugh has Tre Nixon’s Attention

Programs from coast to coast are in hot pursuit of 2016 Viera (Fla.) WR Tre Nixon, and Michigan now among them. Now after a recent offer from the Maize & Blue the four-star wideout is planning a trip to Ann Arbor.

Tre Nixon has an offer list is that is quickly approaching 40, but the experience of receiving scholarships still hasn’t gotten old.  That’s especially true when the school on the other end is storied program like Michigan.  The Wolverines extended their definitive invitation last Thursday.

“I was just really excited,” said Nixon.  “From the experience of all that coaching staff, it was just a really exciting moment and I’m very thankful.”

“Tradition is big there.  There’s a lot of the history that they’ve built down at Michigan that is kind of self-explanatory. There is always lot to learn and I’m definitely doing my research now that they’ve offered.  With all the coaches that they have with all the NFL experience could definitely develop you.  It’s definitely eye opening.”

While Michigan is one of the star wideout’s newer suitors, Nixon clearly already has a very favorable view of its coaching staff. Between the positive first impressions and the extremely high regard he holds Harbaugh, Michigan is off to a strong start in the relationship-building department.

“I spoke to Coach Singletary, coach of player personnel \, and I talked to Coach Fisch, the offensive coordinator,” Nixon recalled.  “When I got the offer, I spoke to Coach Harbaugh, the head man. All of them are good guys and Coach Singletary.  He’s a good guy. Agreat guy.  I’m actually starting to develop a little bit of a relationship with him.  I’m just looking to develop a relationship with all of them.  They seem like really good guys and really down to earth coaches.”

“(Harbaugh going to Michigan) definitely caught my attention.  I saw some of the coaching candidates that popped up and when I heard that Coach Harbaugh might actually leave the 49ers and go to Michigan, that’s an eye-opening thing.  You have a guy who did so well with the 49ers and has so much NFL experience and now he is actually coming down to the college world and is going to recruit high school kids.  It was definitely eye opening.”

Now that his interest in the Wolverines is sufficiently piqued, Nixon plans to get to Ann Arbor to actually see the program he has heard so much about.

“They want me to come as soon as possible.  They actually sent me their spring practice schedule.  Right now, I’m planning on going to schools that I haven’t seen before.  Schools like Texas A&M, Texas, Auburn, Alabama.  I’m definitely going to make a trip up north and when I trip that take up north, Michigan is definitely one of the places that I want to see.”

After seeing those campuses Sunshine State will go about trying to establish a leaderboard.  For the time being, though, he is open to any interested program and has all of his suitors on equal footing.

“By the end of spring, I plan on narrowing down my list a little bit, I’d say 10-12 schools,” stated Nixon.  “I don’t have an exact (decision) date yet, but definitely around the time of middle of my senior season or towards the end of my senior season I’ll probably make a decision.  I definitely know it’ll be before signing day.”

“One big factor for me is am I comfortable with the school.  I do realize if I do leave Florida, my comfort zone, I want to know that the college I’m going to is going to be my home.  (Distance) is not that big of a deal for me at all.  Any school that would offer me a scholarship and give me a chance to get a free education and football, I’m all in no matter where it’s at.  It could be up win Wyoming, Washington, anywhere, I’m all in. I just want a coach that can develop me as a young man but also as a player too.”

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