Michael Jordan Still a Priority for Michigan

Plymouth (Mich.) OT Michael Jordan met Michigan’s new coaching staff for the fast time during his unofficial visit for last week’s Michigan / Michigan State basketball game. According to the c/o 2016 standout's father the Maize & Blue brass made a very good first impression.

Sam Webb:  Can you tell me how many offers Michael now has on the table?

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “He has Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Boston College and Notre Dame.”

Sam Webb:  I know you guys made it over to the game on Tuesday.  Was that your first interaction with the new Michigan coaches or had you guys been up to see them before then?

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “The running back coach, Wheatley came by the school that was probably the first week he got there.  (Last Tuesday) was the first time we met with the offensive coordinator and the line coach and the head coach.”

Sam Webb:  First impressions, what did you think of those guys and what did they have to say about where Michael was on their list?

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “They said they are still very high on him.  They liked what they saw.  They looked at his film.  They took a couple of guys back, another kid from Cass Tech and Michael and somebody else.  The receiver kid is good, he’s good.  They took them all back and was watching their films and he said he liked what he saw.  Good technique, especially for a junior coming out, thought he was well coached.  They were still high on him and wanted to interact more.  We didn’t get a chance to interact a lot with Coach Harbaugh or Coach Drevno.  I talked to the academic lady who came in from Stanford with him.  We talked a lot about academics and what they’re planning to do to make sure that they’re planning to get through school because that’s kind of our…my focus at least.”

Sam Webb:  You said Wheatley came down the school and he talked to Drevno at the game.  Is one of them his primary contact or are all of the coaches staying in touch with him?

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “Chris Singletary talks to us the most.  He’s the one that we have a relationship with.  Chris actually lives in this area too.  I probably speak to him the most.  I really like him.  He’s always been straight up with me,… really good guy.  He was one of the first people that we actually met when we did the first camp there.  He actually took my son to the line coach at the time and was like, ‘hey, you need to look at this kid right here (laughter).’  They had done their 40 times and their length and measurables and all this stuff, so he took some time to introduce him to Funk and to make sure that Funk knew who he was when he was going through to watch him.  He was one of the first people that we actually met when he did the first camp there.  Plus I have a good relationship with him too. Michael is starting to contact Coach Drevno on a regular basis now, but he is just starting to do that.”

Sam Webb:  Do you guys have any other trips planned or where do things stand with that?

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “He wants to try and get to another place.  He’s done an overnight at Michigan State and Ohio State.  He wants to do one also with Michigan and also with Notre Dame.  We have one scheduled in Notre Dame in March sometime.  Somewhere around March 20th or so, something like that.”

Sam Webb:  Now that you guys have been going through it for a while, have you guys kind of come up with a timetable for when Michael is going to be making his decision?

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “He wants to make sure that he has had some interaction with the players and coaching staff to see where he thinks they end up when they come out.  No matter what school he goes to, these schools have competitive programs, there is always someone who got 2015, 2017, being in your position.  Everybody wants good lineman out there.  You can’t really look at who comes and doesn’t come because it’s going to be competitive no matter where you go.  He just really wants to make sure that he is going to get the level of coaching that he needs and the academic support that he needs to make sure that he is going to come out of there with something in the end.  We don’t have a timetable for his acceptance letter.  It definitely won't be until the first football season or a little bit after the football season.”

Sam Webb:  Is he going to be doing any of the camps or combines during the spring and/or summer?

Michael Jordan Sr.:  “I don’t know about spring, but we’ll probably do a one day because he wants to get to know the Michigan coaches, so we’ll probably do a one day there.  We’re not going to do the five day definitely.  We’re going to do one day there and I think he wants to go to Notre Dame and do one too, just so he can see how they actually coach.  He has not actually interacted with the actual coaching there.  He’s interacted with State, interacted with the coach at Ohio State and he had interacted a lot with Michigan, but he wants to definitely see how they coach.  Fortunately or unfortunately, he’s actually liked everybody that he has dealt with.  It has made his decision much tougher.”

“Nobody has really turned him off.  He hasn’t met anybody and said, oh no, this is not the coach for me yet.  He has a good relationship with State, good relationship with Ed Warinner, good relationship with all the coaches that he’s dealt with so far.  Now he’s actually never been coached on the football field by Notre Dame or the new coach at Michigan, so he definitely wants to see and understand how they approach coaching with kids.  Once he gets a feel for that he’ll probably be in a better position to be a little more informed the top four or five places that he wants to go to on official visits.”

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