Corley Seeing U-M in More Favorable Light

Michigan has seemingly been hovering just outside of Detroit King WR Donnie Corley’s list of favorites, but after making it back to Ann Arbor with his parents last week, the talented youngster’s father says the Wolverines definitely improved their standing.

Sam Webb:  I know you guys were looking forward to meeting with the coaching staff. Did the experience live up to your expectations?

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.  It was definitely better.  It definitely was different.  We actually enjoyed ourselves as far…actually the time before the (conditioning tests) and all that stuff.  We were just blown away by the competition for the kids.  The kids were competing.  We were blown away by that and we ended up talk to Harbaugh and Coach Fisch for a long time.  Everything felt really good, actually felt real good.”

“Basically, they like him a lot.”

Sam Webb:  So you were able to watch the kids work out?

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “Yeah we got there early.  They were working.  They were getting it in.”

Sam Webb:  What were your impressions of the coaches?  What kind of coaches do they seem like?

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “They were real up tempo.  That’s another thing, I saw Harbaugh actually doing the drills too.  That was crazy.  He was doing some of the drills.  They were real up tempo, everything was up tempo.  Everybody was working.  There was no walking around, none of that stuff.  They were competing.  They looked like they were doing a lot of combine drills and stuff like that.”

Sam Webb:  I know everybody probably looks good in shirts and shorts and combine thing.  Did anyone in particular when you were looking, man that guy or those guys look pretty good.

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “Norfleet, his body looked real impressive.  It looked like he put on a lot of muscle.  Delano Hill, he looked like he had put on muscle, he looked good.  (Jourdan Lewis) had gotten bigger.  Taco Charlton looked like a monster (laughter).  There were a lot of guys that were looking real good.  We were checking out a lot of kids.  Afterwards when it was done Shane and those guys were throwing out there after on their own.  It was like a totally different, not to down Hoke and those guys, for me it looked like a totally different practice with the up tempo and all that stuff that is going on.  Those guys were competing on every drill.”

Sam Webb:  What did he think this time around after going to Michigan?

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “He was definitely impressed with it.  He was definitely impressed with it.  He’s going to be even keel no matter what it is.  He’s straight.  He doesn’t really show like a lot of emotion.  Even if he happy or he is sad, he is not really going to show a lot of emotion.  By the end of the day, he was really excited about it.   He really liked it.”

Sam Webb:  Before it seemed like Michigan was on the outside looking in. It seemed like Michigan was like fourth or fifth on his list. Do you think Michigan is more in the picture with him now?

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “Yeah, most definitely.  It was real impressive.  We were real impressed with it.” 

Sam Webb:  What is next as far as visits are concerned?  Does he have any more junior days or campus visits that he is going to be making here in the next few months?

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “We were actually supposed to go down to Tennessee this weekend, but he ended up going to Youngstown for that 7-on-7.  We didn’t put a schedule together, but we definitely want to get down to Penn State, definitely down to Tennessee.  He just got the Alabama offer yesterday.  He got Oklahoma (Saturday) too.”

Sam Webb:  When he gets news like that, I wonder what Donnie look like excited (laughter), does he get fired up when Alabama called and offered?

Donnie Corley Sr.:  “It’s funny, basically when he got it, he was definitely excited about it, but he just went right to the gym after the offer to work out.  He’s excited about it, but he knows there is work to be done.”

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