New Student Ticket Prices Announced

The acrimony that once existed between Michigan's student body and its athletic department is no more. The fall protests and ventual resignation of Dave Brandon paved away for a more harmonoious relationship that has manifested itself in the form of a new student ticket pricing plan.

Today the University of Michigan finalized its plan to slash the cost of football season tickets that was first mentioned last October. That announcement came on the heels of negotiations between Michigan Athletics the Central Student Government (CSG), CSG president Bobby Dishell, and the 22-member Football Student Advisory Council. Dishell presented an incisive report to the university's board of regents two weeks ago detailing numerous student body numerous grievances with athletic department, including exorbitant ticket prices.

Not only has Michigan cut ticket prices in football, basketball, and hockey, it has made further concessions for students that can demonstrate need.

“The athletic department and Central Student Government have worked closely over the past year to create inclusive ticketing policies for students,” said David Ablauf, Associate Athletic Director for Public and Media Relations. “Our mutual goal is to have the student body contribute to the game-day atmosphere that helps our teams win and provides excitement for all of our fans. We look forward to continuing this partnership with our students.”

“Expanding access to Athletic events for students is one of the greatest accomplishments we have made in our work with Athletics,” said Bobby Dishell, CSG President. “This is a big step in the rebuilding of the relationship between Athletics and students. Now, more students than ever before have access to support our fellow students as they represent our school on the court, field, and ice.”

Following is the pricing for the three sports and the needs based pricing:

Sport                                       2015-16 Price                     Federal Pell Grant Eligible Price

Football                                    $175                                       $100

Men’s Basketball                     $200                                       $120

Ice Hockey                               $150                                       $90

There will be a $10 processing fee applied to the entire order; this is reduced from the previous price of $15 last year.

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