Mag Excerpt: Washington Feels Harbaugh Effect

The next issue of GoBlueWolverine the Magazine is our 2015 Recruiting Yearbook. In this excerpt we highlight Keith Washington's journey to Michigan. The Prattville (Ala.) athlete didn't need to visit Michigan to know it was for him.

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Below is an excerpt of one of our background interviews for Yearbook feature on Keith Washington.

Sam Webb:  Just go back to when you decided that Michigan was going to be the place for you.  What was it about the Wolverines that made you say you were going to go Blue? 

Keith Washington:  “It was actually after the visit with Coach Harbaugh and Coach Durkin.  Those guys are really down to earth and excellent coaches.  Michigan is one of the traditional powerhouse program and they just pretty much explained to me that they want to build it back up to that.  I wanted to be part of something special.  That’s what kind of made me steer towards Michigan.” 

Sam Webb:  You know that yours was maybe one of the most surprising decisions in the country because you committed to Michigan without visiting.  How did you get so comfortable with a place that you hadn’t seen before? 

Keith Washington:  “My mom works for Dow Chemicals so we flew back and forth to Michigan plenty of times before so I have seen the campus with my own eyes.  I hadn’t had a coach or anybody to tour me around but I have been up to Michigan plenty of times before.” 

Sam Webb:  Position wise, you are versatile.  You’ve been a quarterback, you can play offense, you can play defense.  What did Michigan say to you about your positional outlook, where did they want you to play? 

Keith Washington:  “He wants me to play cornerback but he said he could possibly get some wildcat quarterbacking in some packages.”  

Sam Webb:  Break it down and give me a scouting report on Keith Washington as a corner.  Kind of break down your game. 

Keith Washington:  “You know, tall lanky guy with some speed that can cover the big 6’2” and up receivers  and win the jump ball battle and also like to come downhill and hit.”   

Sam Webb:  Do you feel like you flew under the radar a little bit? 

Keith Washington:  “Oh yeah, definitely.” 

Sam Webb:  Why do you think that is? 

Keith Washington:  “I think a lot of guys, to be honest with you rank based off camps and not off the true film and who you’re playing against, you know.  I feel like a lot of guys kind of push me aside and went for the five-star guys that balled out at the camps instead of the guy that actually balled out in the in-game situation.” 

Sam Webb:  I haven’t gotten a chance to look up your stats.  Do you recall what your stats were last year? 

Keith Washington:  “I think I through for 1700 yard with 17 touchdowns and I ran for 1200 yards with 20 touchdowns this past year.” 

Sam Webb:  Did you play any defense at all? 

Keith Washington:  “I played like three plays on defense, so I probably played, this is my only year that I played strictly quarterback.  My whole I’ve been playing defense and offense.” 

Sam Webb:  As far as opportunity for early playing time, did Coach Harbaugh, did he say, hey, they are looking for you to come in and play right away?  What did they say to you about that? 

Keith Washington:  “They pretty much told me that’s all based on me and how I adapt and I’ve got to prove myself.  If I come in ready to play and learn the system and they feel like they can put me on the field, it would be the best thing for me and the team if they’ll do that.  It’s pretty much based off me.  That’s what he told me.” 

Sam Webb:   I interviewed him on my show on signing day.  He said that you told him that you could go out in the street and run a 4.38 right then and there.  Can you kind of take me through that exchange? 

Keith Washington:  “He came up in the house and sat down.  They were like, we’ve seen your film, you know, joking around and saying you’re pretty fast, 4.38, I don’t believe it.  I was kind of like, me being a competitor, I was like, you know coach, I’ll go out there and run one for you right now.  That’s my nature.  He kind of laughed.  He told me that was what pretty much won me over with him, that phrase right there.  Like I said, I just like to compete.  We can do it any where, any place, any time.” 

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