Drevno Demands 'Toughness' From O-Line

Offensive coordinator Tim Drevno discusses his expectations from the offensive line this season and moving forward.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Michigan has always been a school known for its offensive line play. But in recent seasons, the unit overall has struggled.

In 2014, U-M averaged 138.8 yards per game, finishing ninth in Big Ten.

So, yeah, they weren’t that good.

What was missing? Toughness.

That’s right, toughness.

And new offensive coordinator Tim Drevno has an idea of how to get his unity to play with that quality.

“I think you demand it. You demand it from them,” Drevno said. “You love em’ up. You get them to trust you. You invite them over to your house for barbecue. You tell them that you love them. And you get them to play for you. It’s pretty cool when it happens. You get that group inside there to believe in one another and the brotherhood. About the want to and how we lead this football team.”

Drevno continued to talked about the characteristics of a Michigan lineman.

“They’re going to come off the football, they’re going to know where to go,” Drevno said. “They’re going to have a want to, a brotherhood. They’re going to take control in the room and lead us. They’re going to lead us.“ In 2014, Michigan started from left to right: Mason Cole (left tackle), Graham Glasgow (left guard), Jack Miller (center), Kyles Kalis (right guard) and Ben Braden (right tackle) for the majority of the season. However, Drevno isn’t promising any starters through Michigan’s first week of spring practice.

“Everyone got a clean slate,” Drevno said. “We’ve all been criticized. We’ve all been ‘that a boy,’ you know? It’s about what you did today to be great. I don’t worry about the past. I’ve made mistakes as coaches. Players make mistakes. But the great competitors that I’ve been around at the highest level, like a Joe Staley, the NFL guys I coached they have short term memory in what they do. They make a mistake and forget about it and they push on. That’s a true competitor. And that’s anything in life, right?”

Drevno was quick to add he thinks there is talent in this year’s group.

“Yeah, there’s talent,” Drevno said. “Absolutely there is talent here. And that’s what’s neat about it. There is talent here and I’m excited about working with it. It’s fun.”

Michigan plays its annual spring game on April 4.

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