Michigan a Factor for Bryson Young

Clovis (Calif.) Buchanan DE Bryson Young had been fling under the recruiting radar until last week when Michigan jumped in with a scholarship offer.

At the top of Bryson Young’s list of athletic priorities for his junior campaign was improving his overall game.  If he were able to do that, more scholarship offers would surely follow.  Phase one of that plan went according to plan.  Phase two is starting to.

“I was at about 60 tackles and I had about eight sacks,” Young said proudly.  “One of the things that definitely stands out (about me) is how I run to the football.  It is just my trigger to the ball.  Most people say I come out of nowhere.  That’s what you’ll notice is how I chase down people.  I never stop running to the ball.  I always touch the guy.  Even if he’s down, I always touch the ball carrier.  I always make sure I run to the ball.  That’s what stands out.”

Fresno State, Colorado State, and Oregon State were the first to take notice of the Golden State star’s talent, as evidenced by their early scholarship offers.  Now higher profile suitors are getting into the mix, and just last week Michigan abruptly jumped into the fray with a scholarship offer.

“It definitely came out of the blue,” Young said regarding the sudden news. “There were a couple of talks on Twitter, but (the conversation during which the offer was extended) was first actual talk.  It had only been for a week that we were really talking.  That was really the first time.”

“I was not expecting Michigan to look at me.  They’re a great school and I never would have thought that they looked over here for players.  It was a complete shock.”

Young’s excitement was amplified by the extremely favorable impression made on him by the Wolverine coaching staff.

“I talked to Chris (Partridge) and Coach Harbaugh,” he said.  “That staff seems fantastic. I can relate to them.  I really liked them.  They were easy to talk to.  I enjoyed talking to them.”

“(Talking to Harbaugh) was one of those (things) I’ll never forget.  That was amazing.  I did not expect that at all.  Talking to a coach from Michigan is fantastic enough, and talking to Harbaugh that was just unexpected.  I’ll never forget that.  That was great.”

One of the reasons the Maize & Blue is held in such high regard is Young’s longtime affinity for one of Michigan’s most popular football alums.

“I’m a huge Tom Brady fan, so I kind of have a little connection with them… but I don’t know very much about them,” said Young.  “I don’t know much about Michigan besides my cousin is a huge Michigan fan.  I’ve been researching them a lot recently.  I can’t wait to actually get on campus and see it for myself.”

“They said that they would work on getting me up there.  I’m going to look into if I can come down sometime this offseason.  If not, I’m going to look for the summer.  I should definitely be able to come during the summer.”  

Young now counts Michigan as a serious contender for his services, but stopped short of naming it his favorite.  He plans to take his time establishing a leaderboard, and that’s even if his childhood favorites steps forth with an offer.

“I’ve always been a USC fan… ever since I was five… the Reggie Bush years,” Young stated.  “They’ve been recruiting me a lot lately.  They said that they would offer me in the summer depending on how I do at the Rising Star camp.  I’m keeping my options open (even if that offer comes).  I’m not planning on committing until after my senior season.  It would be huge, my dream school offering me, but I’m definitely considering Michigan now.  They’re a great school.”

“(My decision will come down to) the school in general.  I want to major in psychology, so whatever school is best student for that I’m going to look into that.  Then on top of that (I’ll look at) coaching staff and how they help the players.  Also the atmosphere.  I love an energetic atmosphere, so that is all going to play a factor into that.”

If Young has his way he will visit a number of campuses over the summer, but there are a few that he is pretty sure he will make it to.

“The University of Washington, I just went to their junior day a couple of weeks ago and I should be going up there for another visit sometime in the summer,” he said.  “Oregon… I should be going up there for a visit.  The USC Rising Star camp and I’m definitely working on going to Michigan and getting up there.”

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