Bush Planning Spring Michigan Visit

Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan LB Devin Bush has only ventured outside of the state of Florida “once or twice,” but he hopes to change that later this month by making his way to Ann Arbor for a spring practice visit.

When D.J. Durkin accepted the defensive coordinator position at Michigan one of the first recruiting targets he put in front of his new boss was 2016 Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan LB Devin Bush.  In the weeks since the Wolverines extended him a scholarship offer he has been busy getting brought up to speed on the Maize & Blue.

“I actually talked to Coach Durkin (Tuesday),” said Bush.  “I didn’t know much about Michigan until Durkin got there.  He told me a lot of great things about Michigan.  I know Michigan is an old school and everything, but I’ve just been hearing a lot of good stuff about Michigan.  It’s good.  I talked to Coach Harbaugh one time and he had just got there, and we were just talking about what impact he’s trying to make coming in and what he sees out of me and what he potentially wants me to become as a player, and he said he would help me develop.”

The next step in the courtship process for the Maize & Blue is to get Bush on campus for a visit.  That has been a hot topic with Durkin lately.

Said Bush, “at the end of this month (a visit to Michigan is likely), but I don’t know exactly what day, but we’re going to go up to Michigan and see what’s up there, chill with Coach Durkin out there.” 

The trip to the Great Lake State will be a whole new experience for a youngster that says he has only been out of the Sunshine State.  But Bush insists he is willing to go anywhere to find the best fit.

“There a couple of factors (I’ll be looking at,” said Bush. “A great defensive coordinator, the weight training coach, the development of the players and the chance to win the national title, a school that is potentially going to make the playoffs two times out of the four years that I’m going to be there.  Just a chance to win a national title is just something I really want to do and that’s what I’m going to be looking for when I step on campus.”

“(Distance is) not at all (a factor),” he later added.  “Wherever I can play ball, I’m going to play ball.  It’s wherever I feel comfortable. Football is football wherever I go.”

That said, this Florida State legacy recruit admits to having a few favorites.  He just isn’t ready to share that information publicly.

“I’m going to get you all excited at the edge of your seats… I’m going to do (announce on signing day),” he said laughingly. “I’m open to every school.  Believe it or not, I was never a fan of (of any college program)… ever.”

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