Gooden Hearing from Michigan, Wants to Camp

Reynoldsburg (Ohio) 2016 linebacker Mark Gooden talks Michigan interest, a potential visit to U-M, other schools of interest and more.

Reynoldsburg (Ohio) 2016 linebacker Mark Gooden is quickly moving up the recruiting ranks of the Buckeye state.

Schools have taken notice too. He has already earned offers from Kent State, Iowa, Indiana, Miami (Ohio), Toledo, Ohio and Bowling Green,.

And just recently, his high school coach was contacted by the Michigan with some positive feedback on his game film.

“They watched my film and they would like to start recruiting me,” Gooden said. “And the beginning of that recruiting process would me coming to a spring game.

“I am considering going to Michigan to watch a spring practice. If I go to any school the first thing I see is how the academic standards are. The University of Michigan is a great college program. As far as academics, I want to major in mechanical engineering and civil engineering for college. I know Michigan has both of those. The second thing I want to know, is people at Michigan there to help the players.”

Growing up in Ohio, naturally Gooden is well aware of the tradition that Michigan has to offer.

“I am from Columbus, Ohio, so the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is big,” Gooden said. “I have always been a fan of great defense. Michigan always seems to have one of the better defenses in the country. At least, when I was younger. They are a great program as far as historically, their football record is second to none.”

And if Michigan were to offer?

“I would say I’m interested in Michigan,” Gooden said. “But I haven’t chose any favorite schools. Which school I like more than the other. I am just trying to learn as much as I can about each individual university.”

However, Gooden has a good idea how he’ll start to land more big time offers.

“Right now I am 6-foot-1, 230-pounds,” Gooden said. “The majority of my film in high school is playing the defensive end position. A lot of the colleges are recruiting me as an linebacker. Being that it’s my senior year, I want to play more at the linebacker position. And show college coaches film of me playing linebacker. I feel like that would help me be recruited by larger schools as a linebacker.”

Also, Gooden noted he wouldn’t camping at Michigan this summer.

I would love to camp at Michigan,” Gooden said. “I haven’t looked at all the camp schedules I’m interested in. I’m waiting to see what the dates are and try to formulate college camp visits.”

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