Robertson Planning on Spring Visit

Fort Wayne (Ind.) Wayne 2016 DE Auston Robertson will be taking a visit to Michigan. What will he be looking for on his visit? Find out inside.

Junior defensive end Auston Robertson announced his top three schools last month -- and Michigan didn’t make his final cut.

But that hasn’t stopped the four-star talent from planning a spring visit to Ann Arbor.

In fact, when asked if he was still interested in the Wolverines, Roberson was adamant that U-M was very much still in play.

“ Yeah, there is interest [in Michigan],” Robertson said, “I just got to get up there. I want to meet the coaching staff. I want to see some of the changes that Coach [Jim] Harbaugh has done. I want to get a chance to talk to some of the players for a little bit and see how they like it.

“It can be a practice or a spring game. It doesn’t matter. I just want to see how things are rand and how the practices are ran.”

What would it take for Michigan to be considered amongst his top three of Michigan State, Notre Dame and Ohio State?

“I’m not sure,” Robertson said. “It depends on how I feel about their surroundings. And what the players are telling me and stuff like that.”

One thing is for sure, Robertson wants to get a chance to build his relationship with Coach Harbbaugh during his impending visit.

“I just want a chance to meet him and get more of a connection with him,” Robertson said of Harbaugh. “I want to meet him more of a person, because I really don’t know him like that. I haven’t talked to him before. So I really don’t have a feel for him right now at the moment.”

Up next, Robertson says he plans on visiting Nebraska during his spring break. He is also planning a June 7th decision.

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