Moretti “Honored” by Michigan Offer

Michigan’s activity in the 2017 class has been on the rise, and one of the latest to benefit from those efforts is 2017 Arvada (Colo.) Pomona offensive tackle Jake Moretti. A scholarship offer earlier this week has thrust the Wolverines into early contention and set in motion plans for an unofficial visit.

On the heels of a strong season during which his team made it to the state quarterfinals, Jake Moretti noticed a sudden spike in his recruitment.  By mid-December the 2017 Arvada (Colo.) Pomona offensive tackle had garnered offers from Colorado State, Colorado, and Miami. Interest from other suitors continued to grow in subsequent weeks, but the offer train slowed down considerably.  Then Monday it picked up steam again when the University of Michigan threw its hat in the ring.

“It was a shock when I heard,” Moretti said regarding his newest offer.  “I had contact a little bit with the previous staff, the O-line coach (Darrell Funk).  It kind of died down a little bit after that, but then I got a hold of Coach Partridge and it kind of went from there.  I talked to Coach Drevno on the phone and I was lucky enough to pick up an offer.”

The suddenness of that news was only partially responsible for Moretti’s awestruck state.  He was also clearly affected by the aura of Michigan and its new staff.

“Harbaugh first off, he’s a great coach and it seems like the entire coaching staff in general has some great experience,” he said.  “They seemed like very energetic guys. I feel like they’re experienced coaches.  I got a pretty good vibe out of them just talking on the phone.  Not to mention how good of an institution Michigan is in terms of education.  Also their rich football history.  I think they have the most wins in NCAA history in football.”

The thought of contributing to that record definitely elicited a great deal of excitement, but the Rocky Mountain star is a long way away from making a decision.  As a matter of fact, he isn’t even close to establishing a leaderboard.

“They’re all treating me really good,” Moretti stated.  “They’re all great schools.  The University of Michigan is crazy with their rich football history and all that, but I couldn’t give you a (list of favorites) right now.  But I’m honored to get a scholarship from the University of Michigan.”

With that out of the way Harbaugh & company’s next order of business is getting the talented youngster on campus for a visit.

“I would love to make it down there,” said Moretti.  “I’ve just got to balance that out between what my family can do and obligations to my team.  I can’t be missing anything important with my team, but I would love to come down there and take a visit.”

 “It would be a summer thing for sure.”

Trips to Colorado, Colorado State, Miami, and Oregon are also in the works.  At each stop there are a few key criteria Moretti plans to evaluate.

“The biggest factors for me are the school and area around it,” he said. “I’ve got to make sure that I love the school itself, not only the football program, but at the same time I’ve got to make sure that I like the coaching staff.  Those are probably the biggest factors for me.”

Low on the on the importance scale is which offensive line position he’ll man at the next level/

“I’ve talked to some colleges and I have asked them what they project and it various, it goes from offensive tackle to guard,” said Moretti.  “I guess talking to Coach Drevno, they want to see my measureables in person it kind of gives me an idea with that, but offensive guard or offensive tackle.  I can play either.”

At this stage Moretti is fine with figuring that out somewhere down the line. With two years to go before he has to make a decision he is very content with taking a patient approach to his recruitment.

“I think I want to make it sometime around before my senior season… maybe mid-season,” he said.  “I don’t want to wait until the last minute, but I want to make sure it is the right decision.”

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