Elliott Feeling the Love from Michigan

Houston (Tex.) Westside DT Jordan Elliott has officially blown up. The four-star standout is one of the hottest 2016 prospects in Texas, and Michigan is now among those in fierce pursuit.

Just two short months ago Houston (Tex.) Westside defensive lineman Jordan Elliott was called one of the Lone Star State’s best kept secrets.

Today he is a secret no longer.

The 6-5, 290-pounder committed to Baylor on January 31st and has seen numerous others start to give chase after taking a look at his outstanding junior film.

 “I had 78 tackles, 12 sacks, three forced fumbles, and 31 tackles for a loss,’ Elliott said.   “Very versatile, speed rusher off the edge or can bring power inside, very physical.  Just the total package. A lot of people compare me to Gerald McCoy from the Bucs.”

An offer list that is quickly approaching 20 is proof-positive that many college coaches agree with that assessment.  Michigan obviously does, as evidenced by its abrupt entry into the mix earlier this week.

“(The Michigan offer) was kind of out of the blue,” he stated.  “My friend Dontavious (Jackson), they offered him a long time ago.  He gave them my hudl the next day and one of them started following me on Twitter. They sent me the number to call and I called Coach Partridge.  I talked to him, the defensive coordinator, and the D-line coach.  They told me that I had a scholarship.”

“I was excited.  It’s is always a blessing to know that people think highly of you.”

It’s far too early in the courtship process to determine where Michigan fits on his list considering his lack of familiarity with the program or its coaches.  What he can say, though, is that the Wolverines definitely made a good first impression.

“(The vibe from the coaches) was straight love,” said Elliott.  “They’re real cool coaches.  I understand it is a business, but they make it seem it a little bit more personable.”

“I’m still committed (to Baylor).  The atmosphere and the coaches and all that… it all clicked for me.  But so far in talking with Michigan, the same thing is going on there.”

He plans to get a feel for the atmosphere in Ann Arbor the first chance he gets, and he doesn’t care if it’s cold when he does so.

“I’m a man. I can handle (cold weather),” he said matter-of-factly.  “I’m going to try and make it (to Michigan)... most likely not as an unofficial, but definitely an official.”

Elliott plans on visiting a number of campuses before all is said and done since at this point his interest requirement is simply “whoever is interested in me.” But make no mistake, luring him away from Baylor won’t be an easy task.

“I just felt comfortable with Baylor,” he explained.  “I’m real comfortable with Baylor.”
“Signs continue to show throughout the year if I made the right choice.  God will lead me to where I need to be.  I believe that.”

If Elliott has his way those signs will lead two of his good friends to the same place.

“Me, (Dontavious Jackson) and Isaiah Chambers… all three of us try to stay together,

“If (we all like the same school), we would pursue it.”

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