LeVert Likely Unable to Workout for NBA Teams

Michigan junior Caris LeVert still has five weeks left rehabbing for a foot injury. With the underclassmen deadline set for April 26, LeVert says there's several factors going into his decision to head to the NBA or return for his senior season.

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Currently with no commitments in the 2015 recruiting class, Michigan’s biggest focus this off-season remains fixated on the future of junior guard Caris LeVert.

Averaging 14.9 points and 4.9 rebounds in 18 games this season, prior to reinjuring his foot, LeVert remains a first round NBA draft pick should he decide to leave school early, according to most mock drafts.

That decision however has LeVert pulling in different directions.

“I mean there’s a lot of factors,” LeVert said. “Coming back, obviously you’ve got a great team, a young team that’s growing and getting better each and every day and everyone loves college basketball. Leaving, you know that’s a lifelong dream.”

“I’ve talked to my mom about it,” added LeVert. “The coaches as well. She says the decision is up to me. She’ll support me either way.”

Three of LeVert’s teammates went through the exact same process a year ago with Nik Stauskas, Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary all electing to turn pro.

For the trio of former Wolverines, the results in their rookie season have been mixed. McGary has endured the most success with the Thunder averaging 7.3 points and 5.1 rebounds per game off the bench.

For Stauskas the road has been much tougher, in 56 appearances off the bench Stauskas is averaging 3.8 points per game. Robinson III has already been released by the Timberwolves, picked up by the 76ers just a week later.

LeVert says he’s had some conversations with each.

“A little bit, not a lot,” LeVert said. “I talk to them a lot but it’s not necessarily about that. But yeah they give me advice here and there.”

“When you get to that level it’s a job,” added LeVert. “It’s how people feed their families so you’ve got to really look at it in that sense and make sure you’re ready.”

And whether or not LeVert will be ready to submit his name for the draft by the April 26 deadline remains another issue.

LeVert says he’s five weeks away from being through his rehab, giving him just a week to spare before making a decision.

Similar to McGary a year ago, also coming off an injury, LeVert, should he choose to leave, would have to decide whether or not to undergo individual workouts for NBA teams.

“I think I will be healthy enough,” LeVert said. “But I’m not sure if I would do that if I decide to go that route. I’m not sure I would still do that cause I don’t know how comfortable I would be working out by then.”

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