Chesson Feeling his New Coach

Michigan senior WR Jehu Chesson discusses Jim Harbaugh’s indelible presence, the progress of the offense, competition at receiver, and more.

It hasn’t taken long for Jim Harbaugh to make a profound impression on his new team.  Just ask Jehu Chesson.

“He is a great coach, a great personality… he’s a winner,” said Chesson.

But those are assessments that can be made from afar.  What the team has learned up close is the new man in charge is fiercely competitive.

“Not everybody has that, so that’s one of those (traits) that make you feel him more,” said Chesson. “He’s a fighter.  He’ll do whatever it takes to win legally.”

For much more from Chesson on the culture that is being cultivated, the progress on offense, the competition at receiver, and more, press play below.

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