Michigan Spring Game Mock Draft

With Michigan's Spring Game draft set to take place on Saturday it seemed only fitting to conduct mock draft leading up to it. The combatants in the mock battle royal were GoBlueWolverine's Sam Webb and Big Ten Network analyst and former Michigan All-American Marcus Ray. Whose team would get the better of this head to head? You be the judge.

Draft Notes: Sam Webb won the coin toss and declined the first pick and instead got picks two and three. Each team was limited to two QBs, two RBs, one FB, four WRs, two TEs, six OLs, sven DLs, five LBs, and seven DBs. Don't forget to vote at the bottom of the page!

Michigan Spring Game Mock Draft

1. Marcus – Jourdan Lewis 25. Sam – Logan Tuley-Tillman 49. Sam – Ondre Pipkins
2. Sam – Jabrill Peppers 26. Marcus – Ben Braden 50. Marcus – Allen Gant
3. Sam – Mason Cole 27. Sam – Ryan Glasgow 51. Sam – Noah Furbush
4. Marcus – Willie Earl Henry 28. Marcus – Patrick Kugler 52. Marcus – Ross Douglas
5. Sam – Kyle Kalis 29. Sam – Royce Jenkins-Stone 53. Sam – Brandon Watson
6. Marcus – Bryan Mone 30. Marcus – Derrick Green 54. Marcus – Henry Poggi
7. Sam – Chris Wormley 31. Sam – Ben Gedeon 55. Sam – Chris Winovich
8. Marcus – Jake Butt 32. Marcus – DeVeon Smith 56. Marcus – Joey Kerridge
9. Sam – Brian Cole 33. Sam – Maurice Hurst 57. Sam – Chris Fox
10. Marcus – James "Biggs" Ross 34. Marcus – Dennis Norfleet 58. Marcus – Terry Richardson
11. Sam – Amara Darboh 35. Sam – Dave Dawson 59. Sam – Reon Dawson
12. Marcus – Shane Morris 36. Marcus – Dymonte Thomas 60. Marcus – Dan Samuelson
13. Sam – Freddy Canteen 37. Sam – Channing Stribling 61. Sam – Tom Strobel
14. Marcus – Maurice Ways 38. Marcus – Jeremy Clark 62. Marcus – Jared Wangler
15. Sam – Alex Malzone 39. Sam – A.J. Williams 63. Sam – A.J. Pierson
16. Marcus – Blake Countess 40. Marcus – Lawrence Marshall 64. Marcus – Michael Jocz (TE)
17. Sam – Jarrod Wilson 41. Sam – Juwann Bushell-Beatty 65. Sam – Drake Harris
18. Marcus – Joe Bolden 42. Marcus – Blake Bars 66. Marcus – Cody Zeisler (DE)
19. Sam – Delano hill 43. Sam – Ian Bunting 67. Sam – Ty Isaac 
20. Marcus – Jehu Chesson 44. Marcus – Damario Jones 68. Marcus – Greg Froelich (OL)
21. Sam – Desmond Morgan 45. Sam – Matt Godin 69. Sam – Antonio Whitfield (RB)
22. Marcus – Erik Magnuson 46. Marcus – Mike McCray 70. Marcus – Garrett Miller
23. Sam – Taco Charlton 47. Sam – Wyatt Shallman 71. Sam – Garrett Moores
24. Marcus – Mario Ojemudia 48. Marcus –Wilton Speight 72. Marcus – Jeffrey Houston (DB)


Sam Webb's Team

Marcus Ray's Team

QB Alex Malzone QB Shane Morris
QB Garrett Moores QB Wilton Speight
RB Ty Isaac RB Derrick Green
RB Antonio Whitfield RB Deveon Smith
FB Wyatt Shallman FB Joe Kerridge
WR Brian Cole WR Moe Ways
WR Amarah Darboh WR Jehu Chesson
WR Freddy Canteen WR Dennis Norfleet
WR Drake Harris WR Demario Jones
TE AJ Williams TE Jake Butt
TE Ian Bunting TE Michael Jocz
OL Mason Cole OL Erik Magnuson
OL Kyle Kalis OL Ben Braden
OL Logan Tulley Tillman OL Patrick Kugler
OL Dave Dawson OL Blake Bars
OL Juwan Bushell-Beatty OL Dan Samuelson 
OL Chris Fox OL Greg Froelich
DL Chris Wormley DL Mario Ojemudia
DL Taco Charlton DL Lawrence Marshall 
DL Matt Godin DL Henry Poggi
DL Pee Wee Pipkins DL Garrett Miller
DL Ryan Glasgow DL Willie Henry
DL Mo Hurst DL Bryan Mone
DL Tom Strobel DL Cody Zeisler
LB Desmond Morgan LB James Ross III
LB Royce Jenkins Stone LB Joe Bolden
LB Ben Gedeon LB Mike McCray
LB Noah Furbush LB Allen Gant
LB Chase Winovich LB Jared Wangler
DB Channing Stribling DB Jordain Lewis
DB Brandon Watson DB Blake Countess 
DB AJ Pierson DB Ross Douglass
DB Jabrill Peppers DB Terry Richardson
DB Jarrod Wilson DB Dymonte Thomas
DB Delano Hill DB Jeremy Clark
DB Reon Dawson DB Jeff Houston

Which team would win this match-up? Vote here.

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