Adidas Top 10: Williams Still on U-M's Radar

2016 Lawrenceville (Ga.) Archer CB Jamyest Williams reflects upon his recent Michigan visit.

Sam Webb:  What was it like to get back up to Michigan (last Friday)?

Jamyest Williams:  “It felt real good, real good.  We hit Michigan State too.  Finally got the offer from Michigan State.  It felt good to talk to Coach Harbaugh, talk real good, just love the atmosphere up there.”

Sam Webb:  Did Coach Harbaugh put the offer back on the table that the old staff had given you?

Jamyest Williams:  “Coach Zordich did when he came to my school in February or January. Coach Zordich told me that too.”


Sam Webb:  I know you liked the old guys, but what do you think of Coach Harbaugh and the new guys?

Jamyest Williams:  “He’s a good guy.  He knows what is going on.  He knows how to…he has a lot of experience and he knows how to keep it real with you.  He’s just trying to make something new out of the program.”

Sam Webb:  What is the vibe like with Coach Zordich?

Jamyest Williams:  “He knows what he wants.  He told me straight up, he told me that you’re just not going to come here and play, you’ve got to compete for your spot.”

Sam Webb:  How many offers do you have now with Michigan State?


Jamyest Williams:  “Right now I’m just blessed.  I think I have 16 right now, but I have to make sure, but I’m just blessed to have all these offers.”

Sam Webb:  Pretend you are the point where you are ready to make a decision, when you do that what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Jamyest Williams:  “What kind of academic program they have, what kind of relationship they have with me and my family and how I fit in and how I feel.”


Sam Webb:  What about distance from home?

Jamyest Williams:  “That’s really not a factor for me.  I can go home.  This is how I feel and how it is going to change my life.  College is a lifetime decision.”


Sam Webb:  Do you feel any other schools are close to offering you?

Jamyest Williams:  “Probably TCU, Miami.”


Sam Webb:  Timeline for making a decision, do you think you are going to be a signing day guy and wait until signing day?

Jamyest Williams:  “I really can’t tell you right now.”


Sam Webb:  You’re really wide open, no favorite, no top five or nothing?

Jamyest Williams:  “Yeah.”


Sam Webb:  What did you think of Michigan State?

Jamyest Williams:  “It is a great school.  I was in awe talking to Coach Dantonio.   He is a real straight forward guy.  He was a cornerback coach himself.  He just kept it real with me and I kept it real with him.  We had a really great conversation.”


Sam Webb:  Give me the thing that stood out for you the most at Michigan today and give me the thing that stood out to you at Michigan State?

Jamyest Williams:  “At Michigan it was, Coach Harbaugh going around talking to all the parents and talking to everybody, shaking everybody’s hand and see how they are doing.  The thing I saw at Michigan State, it was great talking to Coach Dantonio.  It is not much where you can go in the office with a coach, sit down and have a great conversation with him.”  

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