2017 Mich. OL Says Harbaugh his Fav Coach

2017 Oak Park (Mich.) OL JaRaymond Hall hasn't made contact with Michigan yet, but he hopes to in the very near future.

Sam Webb:  How did this Adidas camp go for you?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Real good.  I got to go against a lot of players with offers.  I got to see where I was, a lot of older guys.  It was real good.”

Sam Webb:  What is your height and weight right now?

JaRaymond Hall:  “6-5, 255.”

Sam Webb:  Have you heard from any schools yet?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Yes, Michigan State, Central Michigan.”

Sam Webb:  Have any talked about offers yet?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Not yet.”

Sam Webb:  Who do you like at this point?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Arizona State, Michigan State, Michigan, Georgia and Alabama.”

Sam Webb:  Do you plan on getting out to any school camps?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Yes.  Miami, I’m supposed to be going in June and Sound Mind Sound Body in June.”

Sam Webb:  What do you think of the Wolverines?

JaRaymond Hall:  “I like Michigan.  They’ve got Jim Harbaugh, who was my favorite coach in the NFL and now he is here at Michigan.  My love for Michigan just went up tremendously.”

Sam Webb:  Have they invited you down to camp?

JaRaymond Hall:  “No I haven’t been in touch with Michigan.”

Sam Webb:  If they did would you go?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Yes.”

Sam Webb:  Talk to me about Michigan State?

JaRaymond Hall:  “I like Michigan State.  I’ve been liking Michigan State since I was little, they recruited my brother.  Coach Stanton the offensive line coach, he remembered me.  I have a close relationship with him.”

Sam Webb:  Who is your brother?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Bryce Hall.”

Sam Webb:  Where did he go?

JaRaymond Hall:  “He went to Eastern Michigan and then a junior college.”

Sam Webb:  Let’s say you’re getting ready to make your decision, what is going to the biggest factors in that choice?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Playing time, talking to the coaches, seeing that they 100% and truthful about everything.”

Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

JaRaymond Hall:  “No.”

Sam Webb:  At this point, do you have a favorite or top five?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Yes.  Michigan, Michigan State, Arizona State, Georgia and Alabama.”

Sam Webb:  Timeline wise, do you want to wait until signing day of your senior year to make a decision?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Nobody knows.  If I visit and like them, nobody knows.”

Sam Webb:  Are you and Marquan McCall related?

JaRaymond Hall:  “I mean yeah (laughter)… that’s my brother.”

Sam Webb:  Are you guys blood relatives?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Naw.”

Sam Webb:  Where does that tight bond you guys have come from?

JaRaymond Hall:  “From football, we’ve been playing against since we were like 14 and he came to Oak Park, we bonded and been cool ever since, real good.”

Sam Webb:  You both have a couple of years to play together in high school, is it going to be a big deal for you guys to go to the same college?

JaRaymond Hall:  “Yes.”

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