2018 Intro: Marquan McCall

2018 Oak Park (Mich.) OG Marquan McCall was one of the top linemen regardless of class at the Adidas Top 10 Showcase.

Sam Webb:  How do you think the camp went for you?

Marquan McCall:  “It was my first time.  I just stay positive.  Because my mom and JaRaymond Hall, my big brother helped me go through everything.  He was right by my side and I did everything I could. They were way stronger than me.  He told me stay low, execute all your plays basically that’s what he is saying, be positive, never be scared and just do you.”


Sam Webb:  You called JaRaymond Hall your big brother.  It seems like a tight bond, what has he taught you?


Marquan McCall:  “Ever since I came back to Oak Park he has taught me to be confident, and to give 110%.  He is going to be right beside me.  Every day we just work out and he teaches me new things every day.”


Sam Webb: Have you been receiving any interest from any schools yet?

Marquan McCall:  “No not yet, so I’m going as hard as I can.”

Sam Webb:  Who do you want to hear from?

Marquan McCall:  “Michigan or Michigan State.”


Sam Webb:  What is it about Michigan that they like?

Marquan McCall:  “I just like their coaches.  I know a couple of their coaches.  They real cool with me.  Some of their players, at one time I was like real down, so they gave me stuff to help me.”

Sam Webb:  What about Michigan State?

Marquan McCall:  “I like their whole football team.  My god brother, his brother played for Michigan State.  We just hang and I got a bond basically with all their coaches.”


Sam Webb:  So you planning on making it to their camp?

Marquan McCall:  “Yeah.”

Sam Webb:  What about schools outside the state of Michigan that you might be interested in.


Marquan McCall:  “I’m interested in USC and Oregon.  That’s it.  Any college that I can go to, I’ll go.”


Sam Webb:  Let’s fast forward into the future and pretend you’re going to make a decision, when you do that what are going to be the biggest factors in that choice?

Marquan McCall:  “Just go with my first thought, don’t rush it, just stay positive and ask help from my family.”


Sam Webb:  Is distance from home going to be a factor for you?

Marquan McCall:  “No not at all.”


Sam Webb:  Timeline wise, do you want to wait until signing day of your senior season or if things go according to plan would you like to get it done earlier than that?

Marquan McCall:  “If things go according to play, yeah I’d like to get it done earlier so I won’t be in a rush to decide.”

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