Adidas Top 10: Brand to Camp at Michigan

2017 Walled Lake (Mich.) DT Bryce Brand made his way back to Ann Arbor recently for a visit.

Sam Webb:  How do you think the camp went for you today?

Bryce Brand:  “It went good.  I could have done a little bit better in the beginning, but I feel like I finished strong.”

Sam Webb:  How many offers do you have so far?

Bryce Brand:  “Two. Louisville and Air Force.”

Sam Webb:  Your dad said you made it to Michigan practice the other day. What have those experiences been like for you?

Bryce Brand:  “They’ve been nice.  You get to see what the players look like, how I fit in and I think I fit in fine.”

Sam Webb:  Have they talked to you about how you fit in as far as recruiting goes?

Bryce Brand:  “Yeah. They say I fit in perfect.  They said when Michigan comes knocking just be ready to come play.”


Sam Webb:  What are your impressions of the new staff?

Bryce Brand:  “They’re good.  Harbaugh is real fast paced, just getting things going.  They’ll be good.”


Sam Webb:  Have you talked to Greg Mattison much?

Bryce Brand:  “I did.  He’s a great guy.  He’s real nice.  Same as Coach Carr with the nose guards.”


Sam Webb:  When you watched them actually practice, what’s the vibe like in practice?

Bryce Brand:  “Getting work done, always, every position.  Just getting work done.”

Sam Webb:  Did Michigan give you a timeline for how things look for you?  Did they want you to come to camp?


Bryce Brand:  “They definitely want me to come to camp.  They keep inviting me and stuff.  I can’t really put a timeline on it.”

Sam Webb:  Let’s say you had all the offers you wanted tomorrow, would you be making the decision soon or would you be waiting until your senior year?

Bryce Brand:  “I’d like to do it after my junior season or after this summer… somewhere around there.”

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Bryce Brand:  “I was an LSU and Ohio State fan.  I was a big Ohio State fan with Troy Smith.”


Sam Webb:  Have you been to Ohio State yet?


Bryce Brand:  “Not on a visit, but I went to camp last year and did real good.  I talked to Coach Johnson.”

Sam Webb:  Is that a place you plan on visiting?

Bryce Brand:  “Yeah definitely.”

Sam Webb:  What about LSU?

Bryce Brand:  “I’ve been trying to get down there, but it’s a long ride.  I’m still going to try and get down there.”

Sam Webb:  As far as your list right now, you got a favorite at this point?

Bryce Brand:  “Not right now.  Just trying to find that school that loves me for me.”

Sam Webb:  What about a top five?

Bryce Brand:  “Louisville, Air Force, West Virginia, LSU and Ohio State.”

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