In-State Kicker “Honored” by Michigan Offer

Like most kickers, 2016 Rockford (Mich.) standout Quinn Nordin had been flying below the recruiting radar. Then Michigan headman Jim Harbaugh extended him a scholarship offer yesterday and officially put him under a spotlight. Nordin hopes to handle punting AND kicking duties in college.

Sam Webb:  Before we get into talking about your recruiting let’s just go back to the year and tell me how things went for you on the football field. 

Quinn Nordin:  “The year went well.  The team played real well this year.  We have a great program here at Rockford, great coaching staff.  We’ve made the playoffs for 22 consecutive years.  Nothing but good things.  We train hard and try to perform on the field.”

Sam Webb:  Do you know off the top of your head about your stats?

Quinn Nordin:  “Honestly, I don’t know my stats, as crazy as that is to say.  I kicked the ball off through the end zone and I put them through the goal post and I punted them far (laughter).”

Sam Webb:  What was your longest field goal of last year?

Quinn Nordin:  “This wasn’t in a game, but when I was down in Florida, I hit a 65 (yarder). I went to down to Kornblue’s top 50 camp in Florida and I hit a 65 in competition to win.”

Sam Webb:  What is your furthest punt?

Quinn Nordin:  “I honestly have no idea.  My furthest kickoff is 89 yards, it was from the 30 through the goal posts.”

Sam Webb:  So you got offered by Michigan (Saturday)… did you know it was coming?

Quinn Nordin:  “No I didn’t actually.  I had no idea that it was supposed to happen.”

Sam Webb:  It sounds like you were in shock.  How did you react when they told you?

Quinn Nordin:  “I said thanks coach, I appreciate it.  It’s pretty cool.  It was a dream offer.  It was very cool and I respect the program I am very honored to have received an offer from Michigan.”

Sam Webb:  They have a kicker coming in, in the current class.  In addition I heard they have an Australian punter coming in. Did they talk to you about what they have now and where you might fit in?

Quinn Nordin:  “Oh yeah.  I talked to Coach Baxter most of the day today.  They informed me about all of the kids that are coming in and what not.  The kid they have coming in from Ohio (Andrew David), who is from the same kicking coach that I am… Coach Kornblue, who in my opinion is the best around.  He does a great job.  That’s all I know, the Australian kid (Blake O’Neill) and the Ohio guy… the Kornblue guy. I was fully aware of what they have and I’m hoping it all works out for everyone and we’ll have to see.”

Sam Webb:  For you is it kicking, punting or both?

Quinn Nordin:  “They want me to do both there.”

Sam Webb:  Not a lot of guys do both at the college level.  Is that something that you want to do?

Quinn Nordin:  “Yes sir.  I want to be able to help the team in the form of scholarships, I want to be able to have the team have more scholarships to use as possible, so they can travel in away games, another player and not have to bring another specialist down.”

Sam Webb:  Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Quinn Nordin:  “Our house was kind of a house divided.  Dad likes Michigan and mom was a Sparty, so it is kind of a house divided.  My sister goes to Central.”

Sam Webb:  Did you ever pick a side?

Quinn Nordin:  “No I didn’t.  I was right down the middle.  Root for the Big Ten is what I say.”

Sam Webb:  What other schools have offered you?

Quinn Nordin:  “That was my eighth offer.  I have offers from Penn State, Iowa, Western, Miami of Ohio, Buffalo, Bowling Green and Central Michigan and now Michigan.”

Sam Webb: Let’s pretend for a second that you’re getting ready to sit down and make your decision.  What are going to be the most significant factors in that choice? 

Quinn Nordin:  “The biggest factors in my choice are definitely going to be degree.  Where you can get a degree from is huge and it is going to set me up for the rest of my life.  Number two would probably be coaching staff, I know you can’t pick a school on the coaches, but it really makes the decision easier on me when I know I have a three year coach or coaches around me who are willing to go the extra mile and that has a huge effect on my decision.  Number three, the kids coming in, it’s about knowing them and having relationships with them and just seeing if they are a good group of guys and at Michigan, it definitely seems like they’ve got a good group of guys there, especially my real good friend David.  David just committed there today.”

Sam Webb:  You’re cool with David? How do you know him?

Quinn Nordin:  “Me and David have been talking since probably the beginning of football.  Just Twitter, texting each other constantly and what he’s thinking, what I’m thinking, what we want to do.  I’m real good friends with David.”

Sam Webb:  Does him committing to Michigan (Saturday) affect your outlook on Michigan at all?

Quinn Nordin:  “We’ll see.”

Sam Webb:  So what about timeline?  I don’t how much if any thought you’ve put into that, but are you going to be kid that waits until signing day to make a decision, or are you going to try and get it out of the way sooner than that?

Quinn Nordin:  “Oh no.  I’m a kicker.  Kickers can’t wait until signing day! Come on (laughter).  If I was a premier player, but kickers are not premier players… I know that for one thing.”

Sam Webb:  (Laughter) So what then is your timeline?

Quinn Nordin:  “I’ve always been asked this and it has always been kind of been the same thing.  I don’t have a set timeline, but this definitely will maybe persuade and my family has always been Go Blue, we’ll see.  Penn State is a great school.  Michigan is a great school.  Iowa is amazing.  We’ll have to see.  Sit down and collect my thoughts and think what I want to do and obviously this is going to drop some more attention for recruiting.  I think right now I have offers I’m proud of and happy with and we’ll have to see what happens once I sit down and talk to my family.”

Sam Webb:  Have you come up with a top five or anything like that?

Quinn Nordin:  “I have not.  I kind sort of fly under the radar, kickers, if they’re on the big screen, it’s usually a bad thing.  Michigan, Penn State and Iowa are definitely in my top three.”

Sam Webb:  Do you feel like any schools are on the verge of jumping in?

Quinn Nordin:  “Very much so.  Indiana I talked to them the other night.  Arizona State very, very much so and North Carolina as well.”

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