Michigan Answers Key Question for Matt Falcon

Michigan’s spring game served as the backdrop for what will likely go down one of the Wolverines’ biggest recruiting weekend of the year. Southfield (Mich.) RB Matt Falcon was among the prospects for whom the experience may have been most pivotal. Michigan had to make a strong impression if it was going to continue to make up ground on Tennessee. The Maize & Blue did just that.

Michigan’s surge in the race for Southfield (Mich.) running back Matt Falcon gained more momentum during his latest trip to Ann Arbor.  The Wolverines’ spring game offered him the opportunity to evaluate the offense and how he might fit into it.  At first glance that would seem to cast a rather ominous shadow on the Maize & Blue’s chances, but Falcon came away with a much different take.

“It went pretty good,” Falcon said of his spring game experience.  “There was a lot more fan support out there this year. Really my questions were answered.  I just wanted to see what kind of plays the offense ran and what kind of formations they ran.  They answered my questions about that.”

“They have a great defense it looks like.  (The offensive ineffectiveness) didn’t discourage me in any way.  I’m not really worried about that.”

Much of that lack of concern has to do with his growing belief in the vision being shown to him by his would-be position coach Tyrone Wheatley.

 “I got to spend some time with him before and after the spring game,” said Falcon. “He also talked to my mom.  He is a good guy.  She thinks he is going to look out the best of my future and not just the football part of it.  She likes Coach Wheatley.  Both of my parents did actually.”

Jim Harbaugh made a positive impression also.  The Wolverines’ new headman reiterated what a priority talented youngster is, and even made a play for a commitment right then and there.

“I told him that I wasn’t making any of those decisions until after I visit Tennessee on the 25th,” said Falcon.  “He was understanding about that.”

The task at hand now is to see whether the trip to Knoxville elicits the same feelings.  The importance of that visit definitely isn’t lost on Wheatley, so he made sure to plant an important seed in Falcon’s mind before they parted ways.

“Really he just wants me to make the best decision for me and not just go off facilities or anything like that,” the four-star tailback explained.  “He was pretty open in just talking to me, basically telling me to try and make the right decision.  Don’t just go off of the propaganda.”

It was a message that seems to be resonating.  So while Falcon is definitely looking forward to the red carpet treatment down in Volunteer country, other visit criteria will matter much more.

“Really it’s the coaches… that’s really the big part,” he said.  “Those are the coaches that I could be playing with for the next four years.  I want to have a good connection and spend some time with them and get to know them.  (I want to) really just see everything else about Knoxville and see if I can spend my time down there.”

Could a decision be forthcoming after that? For now all Falcon will reveal is a top five that consists of Tennessee, Michigan, Oregon, Arizona State, and Arkansas.

“(A commitment) could come before the season or after,” Falcon stated.  “Really I just want to visit (Tennessee) so I can get a clear mind about everything.  I don’t have a timetable right now.  That would be a question to ask right after I visit and then I’ll know for sure.”

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