Eifler Blown Away by Michigan (Part 1)

Michigan was considered to be a long shot in the race for 2016 Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd LB Camilo Eifler when it entered his recruitment a few months back. But now in the aftermath of an unofficial visit to Ann Arbor the Wolverines look to be major players.

Before Camilo Eifler headed east on an unofficial visit tour many believed it to be almost a foregone conclusion that he would spend his collegiate career on the West Coast.  But after seeing in person what many of his distant suitors have to offer, they now appear to be more viable contenders.  That seems especially true of Michigan.

“Coming from the West Coast I wasn’t really thinking about Michigan as a school that I would playing at in the future,” Eifler admitted.  “When I got there it exceeded my expectations. It was great.  I would say blown away from what they have to offer, just the stadium and academic support and the coaching staff.  It was a great experience.”

The positive tone for the visit was set by the coaches he spent the most time with while in Ann Arbor, Jay Harbaugh and D.J. Durkin.

“It was great with Coach Harbaugh,” said Eifler.  “I had breakfast with him.  He’s a great guy.  He was young and has a lot of energy, so that was pretty cool.  We listen to the same music that was pretty funny, just having the same taste in music.  They’re all happy to be at Michigan and I have a feeling that they’re going to be there for a while because they just love the program so much.”

“I like Coach Durkin a lot too.  Coming from Florida, he’s been around some top talent, especially at the linebacker position.  He was telling me how he coached previous NFL linebackers and showed me the scheme that they will be running too, where I would be in that position.  He was a great guy.  He’s serious about his job.”

One of Durkin’s top priorities during his one-on-one time with Eifler was explaining to the talented youngster exactly how he would be utilized. 

 “I would most likely the WILL or MIKE position, just because their SAM is more like a two point end that rushes the passer mostly,” he said.  “I’m fine with that.  I was looking at one of their packages and I could see myself playing there.  Body type has nothing to do it because you could lose weight or add weight easily in college.  I’m fine with that.  I feel pretty comfortable in that position.  For the linebacker position at Michigan they demand a lot.  You have to be able to go against a guard, fit against the run, but also be able to cover in space if they motion out in trips and stuff like that.  I like that because that’s what I’m doing right now in high school.”

From there the Golden State star was introduced to life outside of Schembechler Hall.  Looking back on his time in Ann Arbor those aspects of the visit may have been the most memorable of all.

“The campus was big and they told me freshman year I’ll have to deal with it, walking with everywhere or just make friends with someone who has a car hopefully.  The freshman dorms, they are actually rebuilding them and that’s pretty cool.  They’re right by Schembechler Hall, which is real convenient and kind of near all the classes that you need to take too.  Just from the student life, I like the campus.  It has kind of an old feel to it, but with some new buildings, like the business building which is beautiful.  I met with the head of the student athletes’ academic program, Shari Acho.  She basically showed me what life would be after football, the 40 year plan and that really opened my eyes.” 

“Coming back to football they have two indoor practice fields, which I haven’t seen before.  That is pretty cool.  The weight room, they said they are going to rebuild it in the near future, but right now it is just a weight room.  It is a place to get bigger and stronger.  They’re, not trying to be all flashy.  Last but not least, The Big House man (laughter).  I didn’t know that it was that big.  Everything there is symmetrical, so they’ve got two skyboxes and it holds 110,000.  It’s something.  I had a great time in there.  Mark Gilbert’s little brother was throwing me routes (on the field).  I was getting a little workout there.  It was a great time.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for part two during which Eifler sheds light on how the visit impacted Michigan’s standing in his recruitment.

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