Eifler Blown Away by Michigan (Part 2)

Until recently 2016 Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O’Dowd LB Camilo Eifler believed that he would most likely wind up attending a school close to home. Now after a handful of visits to the eastern part of the country that may no longer be the case.

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Michigan wasn’t the only school on Camilo Eifler’s recent visit tour, but after also taking in Duke, Vanderbilt, Louisville and Northwestern there was an aspect of the Maize & Blue that clearly stuck out.

“Most of the schools that I visited were academic schools.  That’s just what I want,” said Eifler.  “I want to a school to have football and academics.  Michigan showed me the academic side, but also with the power football behind it that some of the other schools just didn’t have.  It was good to see what it is like to be part of that.”

Donning the winged helmet wasn’t a future he could fathom before visiting Ann Arbor, but that that he sees it as a realistic option he plans to make a return trip.

“I want to come back and see a game live, so probably an official visit (will be scheduled),” Eifler said.  “I’m still waiting on a couple of schools to contact me and see if they are going to offer or not, but after that I’ll probably start (narrowing) to a top five or top seven.”

“At first (after receiving) this Michigan offer (I thought to myself), ‘it is on the other side of the country... I don’t know what I’ll do out there... I won’t have any friends.’  But it really opened my eyes to see what other places have to offer.”

Now the Bishop O’Dowd star is so intrigued by the chance of broaden his horizons that he appears to have done a 180 on the importance of the distance-from-home factor.

“I feel like I’ll have the best experience going somewhere else just to experience something new… even if that means going to SoCal or somewhere out to the Bay Area possibly,” said Eifler.  “Staying in the Bay Area I could build stronger relationships, but on these visits I saw that living in the Midwest or East Coast isn’t so bad, even though it gets cold. I’d just have to buy a couple of North Faces and deal with that.”

That is undoubtedly music to the ears of Michigan and other far-away suitors, but Eifler is still a long way from actually committing to one of them. He plans to stick to his plan to patiently assess the schools currently on his list while waiting to see which others will enter the mix.

USC has contacted me… they’ve been contacting me for a couple months straight, but they haven’t offered,” said Eifler.  “They said they want to see me down there.  They offered like ten kids from junior day and I don’t know why I didn’t make the cut.  Oregon… I went to their camp last summer, but I’ve been keeping in contact with them a little bit too.  Notre Dame, I’m looking to hear from them.  University of Miami (is another on the wish list), but it looks like their 2016 class is getting full with a bunch of commits.  Also maybe some Texas schools… the University of Texas, TCU.”

“I want to (wait until signing day to make a decision), but some coaches say they think they’ll have a signing class by that time,” Eifler stated.  “I’ll contact those coaches and say, ‘hey if you want me to be part of your team, I want to have enough time to enjoy all my five visits.’ Some schools are like, ‘that might not be possible.’  That means they won’t be on my list.  Towards the end of my season, I’ll probably be releasing a top five before the season starts after The Opening and towards my first game.”

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