Michigan to host c/o 2017 "In-State Great 8"

Earlier this week the Wolverines have invited eight uncommitted players to Ann Arbor for a special recruiting day the last weekend in May. We hear it's being called the In-State Great 8

Michigan has put together a recruiting day aimed exclusively at the state’s top uncommitted prospects in 2017.

Jim Harbaugh hasn’t wasted any time kicking Michigan’s recruiting machine into high gear.  Since signing day the Wolverines have blanketed the country with offers at a rate never before seen in Ann Arbor.  Some might mistake those national efforts as a sign of diminished interest on the home front.  That’s why the Harbaugh & company have set aside a recruiting day the last weekend in May dedicated solely to courting to the state’s top prospects in 2017.

The nickname making the rounds for this select group is in the In-State Great Eight.

2017's In-State Great 8
1.) Donovan Peoples-Jones
2.) Ambry Thomas
3.) Allen Stritzinger
4.) Corey Malone-Hatcher
5.) Jaylen Kelly-Powell
6.) Josh Ross
7.) K.J. Hamler
8.) Jaraymond Hall

“A lot of schools from far out like Alabama, Mississippi State or some of the other schools that we went to, whenever we go there we come from so far out that they roll out the red carpet,” the father of Corey Malone-Hatcher said.  “They showed us and hit us with pretty much everything that they have to offer.  If you’re a kid that is thinking about committing early (he might think), ‘this is what this school is doing for me… they most obviously like me more.’  If somebody is not necessarily sure what (the local school’s) strategy is it could leave them with the impression that (the far-away school) is working harder… when in fact somebody like Michigan, because (the in-state kid) is local, they know they are going to be recruiting you for a while.  They might not be want to show you everything right up front because you’re going to have a lot more visits that you’re going to make to the school.”

This event is aimed at eliminating those types of misconceptions.

“Basically what they’re doing is showing that they are committed to the kids in the state,” Mr. Malone stated.  “Kids in the state are priority.”

So far GoBlueWolverine has gotten confirmations from Thomas, Stritzinger, Malone-Hatcher, Ross, and Hall.  Stay tuned for future updates in the days and weeks to come.

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