Michigan Coaches Visit Chambers

Houston (Texas) MacArthur junior defensive end Isaiah Chambers discuses his in-school visit from Michigan, a possible visit to U-M and more.

Michigan coaches D.J. Durkin and Greg Mattison made their way to Houston (Texas) MacArthur High on Wednesday to check in on top junior defensive end Isaiah Chambers. The visit gave the Wolverine staff another opportunity to let the Lone star state standout know he's wanted in U-M's 2016 class.

For Chambers, however, it was a chance a chance to continue to work on his ever evolving relationship with Michigan -- specifically with Mattison and Durkin.

"I got to know [Mattison] and his long history," Chambers said. "Like what he's been coaching and the players he's been coaching. [Michigan defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin] came by too. They told me how they could use me. They told me if I leave home, they are trying to build something new at Michigan."

Chambers first impressions of Durkin couldn't have been better, said the four-star standout.

"He is very cool," Chambers said of Durkin. "He's what you want your defensive coordinator to be. He's real cool. He already knew me a s a player. He did his research about me. He wasn't just coming because they told him to come."

Chambers says his plan is to visit Michigan's campus this summer.

"I want to check out the atmosphere around the school and talk to the players," he said. "I want to see the facilities and talk with the coaches a little more."

One thing is for sure, Chambers knows how he wants to play on the field wherever he ends up attending.

"I don't want to do no dropping or any coverage," Chambers said. "I just want to come off the edge and put my hand down or stand up."

Along with the Wolverines, Chambers says he plans on visiting Ole Miss, Baylor, TCU, Texas A&M, Michigan State and Oklahoma.

Chambers plans to make his commitment known on national signing day.

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